Papilio Rugs: The Eco-Friendly Belgian Designs Launch Today on Gilt Home

We’re excited to launch Papilio Rugs on Gilt today … these Belgian designs, produced in collaboration with global rug authority Surya, are vibrantly stylish and filled with personality. They’ll make a room pop. We got some backstory behind the brand (and more) from the company’s product development manager, Christophe Vervaeke:

How did the Surya partnership begin? I went to see Satya Tiwari, president of Surya, at the Vegas Fair in Feb. 2012. Satya looked at our Papilio catalogue and said, ‘We’ll do it.’  We launched 8 months later at High Point.

What are a few of your favorites from this selection in our sale (and why)? I personally love the Pepper Lifestyle, which is a hip, trendy collection for teenagers, young adults and people who are still young at heart. The Granny rugs are hand-crocheted, something old with something new (the neon stripes).  Also Boxy, which is recycled cardboard and cotton, has a wonderful material story.

These rugs reflect concern for the environment and sustainability… that’s something our customers are big on. Talk more about that. Papilio is focusing on pure materials and recycling.  We make rugs that have a story to tell. We have won several international design awards (including two RedDot Product Design awards). We’re constantly testing materials that can be recycled. The environment and sustainability are top priorities.

What’s your latest launch? The latest rug we launched is made of recycled army tents; every scratch in the rug is an untold story. It’s part of our Memorial Collection, created to honor the loved ones we lost during World War I in 1914.

What’s the one piece of advice you give anyone who’s purchasing a rug? Never buy purely on price — buy what you love. And be different.


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7 Questions for Michelle Peluso, CEO, Gilt


Sophisticated, contemporary style that never sacrifices practicality: That’s Michelle Peluso’s design requirement. We asked Gilt’s CEO, who dubs her preferred aesthetic “comfortable-modern,” to choose her favorite home decor pieces (including some for the kids) that exemplify that look. We’re selling them in the kickoff to our Gilt Influencer Picks series: The sale —  which features everything from statement chairs to metallic accents to ebullient throw pillows — starts Sunday, April 13th, at 9 p.m. There’s truly something for everyone in this selection of versatile, contemporary styles that effortlessly blend function and personality. Here, we chatted with her for a spell, about her design likes, creative inspirations, and beyond:


How do you describe your design style?  I love the idea of “comfortable-modern.” I like clean greys, blues, and creams with bright accent colors.  We entertain a lot, so I love that we can completely change a look with table linens, serving platters, throw pillows and the like.

You have a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old — how do you keep your home stylish yet kid-friendly at the same time?  Kid-friendliness is paramount! Soft edges, their own space, storage bins, chalkboard paint, hanging lines and hooks for their art projects so we can swap them out regularly — and the golden rule: we all have to clean up at night before bed!

Do you design like you dress? Any connection between your fashion and design styles?  I love chic dresses with sleek lines — clean and modern with a feminine touch (I love designs from Narciso Rodriguez, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta). And I’m increasingly unafraid of color, so I guess there’s a real connection between my fashion and design styles.

Any particular place or space you always think about, when designing yours?  A few: The Rothko room at the old Tate Gallery in London, the emerald tones of India, our beach home in Amelia Island.

Besides home decor, you’ve chosen plenty of kids’ furniture and artwork for this sale. What qualities do you look for when shopping for your kids on Gilt? Our children have wonderful imaginations, so we love choosing things for them that encourage them to think about the world and to be creative and kind.  My daughter Auden Grace loves dresses, and my son Cole loves superheroes — and Gilt has accommodated their fashion sense over the years!

What’s your biggest Gilt splurge so far in your tenure as CEO?  I’m going to keep that a secret in case my husband is reading this. But I will say my closet is way, way more stylish since I was first introduced to Gilt.

What’s coming next for Gilt?  New brands, greater personalization, better shipping policies . . . stay tuned!

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Get Ready for Apartment Week: Our NYC-Inspired Series Kicks Off Today!

James Merrell/Livingetc/IPC+

Get ready to get inspired by NYC … Gilt Home’s Apartment Week kicks off Monday, April 7th. We’ll have one sale every day, each inspired by a different NYC abode. From downtown chic to uptown classic, a range of styles is on offer here… so you can pick which one speaks to you (or don’t be afraid to blend a few). Without further ado, here’s the menu:

Monday: A decidedly downtown, subtly industrial-chic vibe defines this selection of furnishings and accents. The key to creating the Soho-loft aesthetic is to mix textures and styles, but keep things neutral (i.e., an antiqued metal box against a simply framed black-and-white cityscape print, or a sleek, orb-like contemporary sofa in gray, softened by a plush sandy-hued rug). Here, you’ll find everything from furniture to art and accents — we’ve curated the look for you, so you can choose what inspires you and come up with your own take on urban-boho style.

Tuesday: An updated-classic look that’s sophisticated yet eminently livable: That’s the look that defines the modern-day Brooklyn brownstone. We’ve put together a selection of furnishings, bedding, lighting, art, and accents, all inspired by this aesthetic. Each piece is distinguished by its attention to detail, texture, and structure — think classic lines and styles reinterpreted with unexpected details, bold colors, and eye-catching prints.

Wednesday: Energetic, eclectic, colorful, and undoubtedly bohemian: that blend of styles typifies the archetypal East Village studio: the apartment that inspires this sale. We’ve selected quite the mix — think bold chairs, peace-sign pillows and piggybanks, colored-glass vases, and coffee-table books with a rockin’ edge — to get you started on your quest for an arty-chic environment perfect for hanging out or entertaining guests in.

Thursday: We’ve curated a sale based around the Park Avenue penthouse of our dreams: classic and sophisticated, yet with enough fresh, contemporary edge to keep things interesting. Classic-with-a-twist seating, statement-making accent tables, tufted beds, and luxe metallic accents all add up to an elegant-yet-energetic aesthetic. It’s an undoubtedly uptown look with just a touch of “I-picked-that-lamp-up-on-a-trip-downtown.”

Friday: Airy, light-filled, sleek, and modern — that’s what comes to mind when we think of the high-rise apartment buildings down in the Financial District.  With that image as our inspiration, we picked a range of furnishings and accents designed to complement the visual drama and sweeping vistas that an apartment in the sky affords. (Imagine steely-hued bedding, geometric-print pillows, modern overhead lighting, and orb-shaped bar stools, and you’re there.)

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Best Sale Ever This Week: Calvin Klein Home

Known for its elegant simplicity and geometric forms, Calvin Klein is one of the most recognizable brands in fashion. But the label’s prowess extends to decor and textiles. From rugs and bedding to dinnerware and bath accents, Calvin Klein home products are sleek and quietly luxurious. Their minimal shapes and washes of color offer a timeless beauty, an approach that whispers seductively rather than shouts. And that’s why we love it… we’re always up for timeless style.

And, starting Wednesday, Apr. 2 at noon, you can pick up on some of the latest wares from this design powerhouse; namely, bedding, in classic hues like steely gray and icy blue (perfect for spring and beyond), and rugs with a contemporary geometric edge. All abide by the less-is-more mantra that always make for top-flight design. Pick your favorites, and add instant sophistication to your abode.

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