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If your decor’s first-rate but your audio’s more like Carter-era chic, now’s the time to upgrade it. And we’ve got just the brand. Morel home audio products embody the company’s philosophy, combining technological innovation, daring design, and superb sound to result in engaging, life-like music performance. Morel’s audio systems combine sonic performance with design excellence. Every Morel product carries the Morel stamp of quality: a distinctive blend of technological innovation, daring design, and superb sound. Each Morel product is assembled by hand and extensively tested – undergoing seven quality tests – to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The personal knowledge and proprietary know-how, gained by Morel’s dedicated team over three decades of experimenting with sound, permeate its products.

Shop top-notch audio from Morel (and more) now.

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Brand We Love: Art Addiction

art addiction

Art Addiction is one of our favorite art brands, for its totally innovative take on photography: it’s known for its works that are printed on glossy acrylic sheets and then hung on invisible mounts so that they project ever so slightly away from the wall. The result? The images become three-dimensional and hyperreal, as if you were looking out of a window rather than at a flat work of art.

We talked to the company’s founder, Tino Grana, to find out more. He gave us a succinct, but meaningful, breakdown of his passions, interests, and thoughts:

How and why did you start the company? I started the company as a custom framing shop where I was reliant on purchasing other people’s artwork.  For my clients, many of whom were designers, this was very limiting as I wasn’t always able to offer them what they were looking for.  And not just in terms of imagery, but size and color as well.  After much frustration, I decided to put my passion and creativity to use and develop imagery of my own, which has led to our large and diverse catalog.  But our real breakthrough came with the development of our images on the acrylic medium.  It’s what has defined us in the industry.

You’re known for great triptychs. Why do you love these so much? We always receive great response to our modular pieces.  They are a perfect way to cover an empty wall and breathe life into a room

How would you describe your typical customer? Modern and sophisticated, just like our artwork!

When it comes to curating a wall, how much is too much? I fully believe in trusting your instincts.  It’s your home.  Just do what you like and it will be perfect.

What’s your favorite museum in the world? Wow… that’s a tough one.  Probably the Louvre in Paris.  It never ceases to amaze.

What are a few of your favorite pieces in this Gilt sale, and why? My aesthetic is quite eclectic.  I’m particularly drawn to the White Orchid, Chandelier, and Antlers sets at the moment.

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7 Questions for Art Unified’s Freza Paro

art unified

Art lovers, here’s one for you: We’re thrilled to present Art Unified on Gilt Home for the first time. What makes it so good? Simple answer: Expertise. This isn’t a corporate conglomerate — it’s a group of folks who are utterly passionate about what they do, and use that passion to fuel their selection. We got more info from one of the company’s directors, Freza Paro, who also dished on everything from collecting advice to the hottest museum exhibitions out there now:

 Why did you start the brand?  One of our co-founders, Johan Andersson, has been an artist all his life, and has encountered almost every obstacle there is to be had in the art world. Art Unified was created out of his experiences. They’ve lent Art Unified an invaluable understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both artist and gallery, which helps us better connect with and serve our artists and our art buyers.

You’re passionate about expanding the role of art in people’s everyday lives. Talk about how your company does that. Our goal is to narrow the gap between artists and art lovers, by exposing our artists to new audiences. We want to dispel the notion that the art world needs to be an exclusive one and, instead, aim to redefine what it means to exhibit. This means keeping our eyes and ears alert to the new spaces in which artists and art lovers interact — whether that’s online, at a TED Talk or in a co-working space. Our giclée print collection also addresses the financial barriers to curating a great art collection. Few people have the wherewithal to spend $50,000 on a piece of art, but you don’t need to in order to own a collection that you love.

Talk about your own art background. Johan studied fine art at Central St. Martin’s in London, and has exhibited all around the world. His experience is so dynamic: he’s been the recipient of prestigious awards, like the BP Portrait Award, but has also backpacked around Europe, relying only on ad hoc painting sales to get him from one place to another. The rest of our office comes from diverse creative backgrounds, from graphic design to music to photography. This diversity has afforded us a fresh and holistic perspective on the art world. It has also been instrumental in our relationships with our artists, because we each deeply understand the obstacles facing artists today.

What are 2-3 of your favorite works in our Gilt sale? We obviously love all of the artwork we’ve selected for the Gilt sale, but we are especially excited to be offering pieces by Johan Andersson and Ewan Eason in this sale. Eason’s Mappa Mundi series has recently exploded in popularity, being featured at the Royal Academy and Christie’s. Johan’s work is thought-provoking — an instant conversation piece. These artists were the source of a lot of buzz at SCOPE Miami and the LA Art Show, so we’re excited to see share them with the Gilt community.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for the novice collector? Take the time to develop your taste, and then let that be your compass. Resist the urge to follow the many well-meaning listicles out there on “must-have” pieces. Taste isn’t something that is obtained; it’s achieved through the consistent exercise of your opinions. Nothing delights us more than walking into somebody’s home and meeting an art collection that speaks to their personality. A thoughtfully curated collection is the mark of a confident art collector.
What’s one art-collecting “rule” you think should be broken? It’s not really a rule, but we’re waiting for the current gallery wall trend to retire. It’s a great solution for those who already have an overflow of prints, but the idea of ‘creating’ a gallery wall feels like too acquisitive for us. Take your time, purchase pieces that hold meaning to you, and develop a relationship with them.

Any current or upcoming museum exhibitions we should see? We’ve been going to James Turrell’s Ganzfeld installation at the LACMA almost every week. If you’re in Los Angeles, make a point to visit – you’ll probably run into us. The attendants actually know us so well now, they’ll usually let us stay on for more than one rotation. We’re looking forward to the Light, Paper, Process exhibition at The Getty Center in April and the opening of the Broad Museum in September. 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for museum exhibitions. We’re extremely jealous of New York’s Frida Kahlo (New York Botanical Garden), Yoko Ono and Björk (the latter two at the Museum of Modern Art) exhibitions due out this year. We hope to make it out East to visit the Whitney at its new location downtown, and to check out Basquiat’s personal notebooks at the Brooklyn Museum.

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Isabelle von Boch’s Tips for Setting the Perfect Spring Table

villeroy for blog


For Isabelle von Boch, Villeroy & Boch is a family company: As an eighth-generation member, her role is as brand ambassador for several markets worldwide (mainly Americas and Australia).

A big part of her job is to inspire good design, showing folks how to master the mix of styles and ranges that Villeroy & Boch has to offer, with the goal simply being to live happily with it every day.

Here, we asked her for some tips on setting a beautiful table, with an eye toward spring (this is largely because winter has us down and we’re yearning to get into a balmy mood). Here’s what she told us.


Choose a theme: Choosing a theme is your first and foremost goal This will set the entire mood. Think in terms of color, season, a memory — the options are truly endless. Once you choose your theme, you will know what design cues to add to your table.

Take cues from nature: Nature is a wonderful color guide. Look at a spring floral arrangement completely and find all the different colors in this one piece of nature. Nature creates a lovely color palette for you.

Use your items unexpectedly: Use your lovely crystal stemware and barware and porcelain dishes to accessorize your table in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily imagine. Put berries in a wine goblet or floral arrangements in small glasses, place candles in stemware — these unexpected cues will bring a uniquely artistic vibe to your tablescape.

Don’t forget the candlelight: Adding candlelight to your tablescape creates the ambience. I often place a votive at each place setting and 2-3 nice candle vignettes on the table.

Give your place settings distinct personalities: Do not overlook the importance of each place setting; this is where the most beautiful details come into play. The napkin ring is a signature statement — be sure it goes with your theme. Adding a place card accompanied by a small gift (such as candy or a fruit) at each setting is a magnificent custom that will make your guests feel special.

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