Pack Their Backpacks!

Shopping for the perfect back-to-school wardrobe is only half the battle. The other half = finding school supplies that get your little one excited for the new year. We asked Serena Norr, managing editor of, to fill a backpack with classroom must-haves — here’s a little lesson in her favorites.

1. Pink Fjällräven backpack
2. Bright and colorful spiral notebooks from Poppin
3. The cute and super-functional picnic lunchbox from Neat-Oh!
4. The always-essential ruler from Staples
5. So-So Happy Character Homework Pad from Hallmark (blue and red)
6. A 24-pack of classic Crayola crayons
7. Pencils in different colors from Staples and Poppin
8. Oil pastels from Pentel
9. Fun dice erasers from Staples


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Top 5 Back-to-School Trends

Weekday mornings in September can be a bit “challenging” (well, that’s the PG version of what we really want to day). Usually, “Mom, I don’t want to wear thaaaat!” echoes through the house, but this year will be different. The solution is simple: Buy kids exactly what they want to wear. Focus on these five fads while shopping for your school-bound trendsetter.


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Have a Sesame Street Birthday Party!

Shia’s 2nd birthday was inspired by his love for Elmo, but it was hard to make the theme cute and chic! Every party decoration I found was cheesy, and didn’t go with the feel I wanted: kid-friendly, but with some personal touches. We chose Kidville (there are lots of locations), because we knew the 26 2-year-olds needed to be constantly stimulated. There was a Play-Doh station, tattoo station, kids’ gym, bouncy castle, and a music class with puppets. Here is a list of where the birthday party accessories came from (they’re almost all from Etsy) — I hope this helps when you’re planning your Sesame Street party!

— Sam Cutler, Shia’s mom 

1. My friend did a Sesame Street theme for her son in Washington, DC. She shipped the chair covers to me for his party, and they were a big hit. They’re from

2. One of my first purchases for his party was the “Shia Street” sign. I got it here.


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Freefall is Back! Your How-To Guide


For those of you who were hooked on Cyber Monday… Gilt Freefall is back! And for those of you newbies out there, here’s everything you need to know about when to visit the site and how it works. Good luck on scoring the best deals!

February Freefall will be the most exciting 15 minutes of your day from 11:45 AM – noon ET on February 11 – 22 (weekdays only). Check in at 11:45 AM to preview the items on sale, then get ready to shop from 11:50 AM – noon. There will be two Freefall sales on our Kids’, Woman’s, and Men’s sites, each lasting five minutes. The sales feature a limited selection of products, carefully curated by our buyers, and as the minutes tick by, the prices drop. You have to act fast — should you risk losing the product to wait for the lower price? It’s up to you!

A unique feature of Freefall: The item’s price is locked in once you select it, and bypasses going into member’s carts. Don’t worry if you already have five items in your cart (the max) — we’ll take you straight to checkout to buy that particular item.

See you at 11:45 AM on Monday, February 11 on These sales are not on the mobile site or apps — don’t miss them!

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