Back-to-School: The Style Checklist

The day we’ve all been waiting for is upon us. Less than a month till the kids go back to school! Backpacks are about to replace beach bags, and sandals are being swapped out for sneakers. Little bookworms are on the hunt for honor-roll worthy first-day outfits. So get ready to snag the most stylish schoolyard picks: shop Armani, UGG, Jacadi, and more. Here’s a peek at what’s in store for your star student’s classroom debut. Sales start Sunday, August 11.

1. Egg Knit Pocket Dress (available Sunday)

2. Egg Striped Knit Sweater (available Sunday)

3. Couture Clips Crochet Flower Headband (available Wednesday)

4. Fjällräven Kanken Mini Backpack (available Wednesday 9pm)

5. UGG T Bailey Bow Boot (available Tuesday)

6. La Miniatura Crayon Denim Pant (available Tuesday)

7. L’Amour & Angel Leather Oxfords (available Sunday)

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Best for Baby: Parents’ Choice

When choosing the top products from our “Best for Baby” event, we went right to the source: moms and dads. We tracked down some proud parents at the Gilt offices, and asked them which products were on their radars. Here’s what they had to say — everything goes on sale starting Wednesday, July 24.


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Time for Christmas in July!

Okay, we know you probably aren’t thinking about Christmas just yet, but you should be. Here’s why: You can get great deals on the best toys. Starting Saturday, July 20, we’ll have Power Wheels, dollhouses, games, and beyond, all at prices that will please you.

1. Polly Pocket Spin & Surprise Hotel,  $25

2. Thomas the Tank Train, $10

3. Mattel Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister, $85

4. Barbie Sisters Twirly Ride, $22

5. Angry Birds on Thin Ice Game, $17

6. Fisher Price Ford Mustang Power Wheels, $268

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Giuliana & Bill: Their Favorite Things

There’s a reason why so many people love this vibrant couple: They’re easy to relate to (despite their celebrity status). The working parents share the joys and challenges of life — including raising their son Duke — on their eponymous Style Network show, which airs July 16 at 8/7c. And they weren’t shy when we asked them which baby items they couldn’t live without (they’re all on today!). We played a little game of Mad Libs with the dynamic duo — see what’s on their radar right now.


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