The Frozen Obsession: Real Kids Talk Favorites

The princesses, the songs, the drama… the phenomenon that is Frozen hasn’t waned a bit, including the hunt for elusive toys and DVDs, which are on Gilt Kids today. And in celebration of this exciting sale, we asked two of the movie’s biggest fans (who also happen to be my daughters) to reveal their Frozen favorites.

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The New Classics: 5 Must-Have Toys for Summer

Let the celebrations begin — Memorial Day weekend is here and at long last, so is the warm weather! To help kick things off, we’ve rounded up five of the coolest toys your kids will flip over. From pirate ship sandboxes to sleek wave boards, they’ll be set for endless hours of fun, and impress the heck out of their friends, too. Now that playtime is covered, outfit them from head to toe with adorable swimwear, sandals, and more in our new Summer Shop — then onto a little retail therapy for yourself!


Ahoy! The sandbox has evolved into a sandboat that will keep your little pirates entertained for hours. (KidKraft; $269)


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A Day in the Life of Rosie Pope: Pregnancy Guru, Mom & Much More

You may have discovered Rosie Pope on Bravo’s reality show Pregnant in Heels, but the pregnancy guru already had a major mommy following, and deservedly so. From her Rosie Pope Maternity clothing line (on Gilt today) and stores to her MomPrep education sessions and Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy book, Pope manages to guide and inspire countless moms-to-be — all while raising four adorable kids under the age of five. How does she do it all? We asked and she revealed what a day in her life looks like — which typically includes pancakes, school runs, meetings, trains, lots of running, and wine.

Rosie Pope

5:00 am: Wake up to feed Bridget [nine weeks old] and shower and get ready before my other babes get up. I also make an espresso iced coffee in my favorite glass tumbler and take some long sips!

6:00 am: Between 6:00 and 7:00 my other kids wake. James [five years old] is always first and he likes to dive into talking about his dreams, then comes Vivienne [two years old] who plunges straight for her milk and then Wellington [three years old] sleepily searches for his pancakes! I always make a big breakfast for them and try and sit down in all the chaos so we can really connect before the day gets going.

8:30 am:  School drop off – everyone comes along for the ride!

9:00 am: I take the train into New York City now that we are officially in the burbs. Bridget comes with me and as she snoozes I catch up on all the emails that have already flooded in.

10:00 am: My first duty at the office usually involves working on both my maternity and baby collections from design through to fabric, fit, and new innovations that I want to try.


Rosie Pope

12:00 pm: My husband and I work together and so we try and spend time each day to connect and work on strategy for the projects we have coming up and would like to pursue so we can be as productive as possible during the day.

1:00 pm: I go for a quick run to clear my head and give me the energy I need for the rest of the day. Our offices are near the river so it’s a lovely run.

2:00 pm: Each day is different, but the afternoon is generally filled with filming, creating MomPrep educational content and a lot of running (that’s the theme of my day) from one appointment to the other, desperately trying to fit it all in before my train home that Bridget and I normally run like mad people to catch!

6:00 pm: Walk in the door for dinner, baths, homework, stories, and as many cuddles as I can fit in!

8:00 pm: Everyone is asleep as I have to admit I pour myself a nice glass of white wine. My husband and I then sit down to dinner (he cooks) and we dive back into work as we don’t spend much time together during the day it’s important to connect and work on things at night.

11:00 pm: Sleep!

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Fool-Proof Cooking for Parents & Kids: Blue Apron Gourmet Meals

Blue Apron

The idea of cooking a healthy family dinner every night — on time, after a busy day — can push us over the edge, so when we heard about Blue Apron meal delivery service (available on Gilt City until May 15), we had to try it ASAP. They deliver gourmet meals of your choice that include fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with easy-to-follow recipe cards — which means literally anyone can do it, including Gilt Kids’ Director, and mother of two, Melissa Keswin (above), who admits she’s not a whiz in the kitchen.

“So, I don’t cook,” says Melissa, “maybe one-two times a week I whip up a tilapia and veggie meal, but that plus Kraft mac and cheese for my kids is the extent of it.” She received a vegetarian menu that included a Greek salad with pita, asparagus and spring onion tart, and cauliflower and fava bean biryani, and with help from her five-year-old daughter Esmae (above), had major success. “I loved that everything was prepped, that nothing took long to cook, and that everyone in my house thought it was delicious!” The best part? “The pictures got Esmae excited to help me cook, which in turn got her try new healthy foods,” says Melissa.

Still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Check out Blue Apron on Gilt City now (three meals for two people at $39 or three meals for four people at $78).

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