Baby on Board? We’ve Got You Covered: Consider Your New-Baby Shopping List Checked Off

orig-1Whether you’re awaiting the latest sibling or the stork’s bringing your very first bundle, preparation is key. Which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive offering of the absolute essentials to get ready for baby — brought to you by a roster of our best brands.

Bring your bundle home in style with some of the softest linens around from Gilt-favorite aden + anais (a delicately printed swaddle wrap is a perfect post-hospital pick). And they’ll be outfitted for every occasion with adorable matching sets from Little Me and comfy-cute dresses and play clothes from Lilly & Sid London.

With their layette all set, arm yourself with essential, routine-tackling gear: Think BabyBjörn’s go-to carriers and spill-proof bibs, Maclaren’s adjustable strollers, and JJ Cole’s multitasking diaper bags and backpacks. Your day-to-day has never run more smoothly. Lastly, pick up Nursery Works’ sleek wooden cribs, changing tables, and plush rocking chairs, and create an ideal space for them to start dreaming.

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Artsy Easter: DIY Crafts for Kids (+ Everything You Need to Fill Their Baskets)

Sure, you can pull a Martha Stewart and engineer an elegant Easter yourself…but we’ve got a feeling there are some little helpers at home eager to lend a hand. From brunch decorating to egg dyeing, your live-in assistants will hop at the chance to test-drive their DIY skills — and nothing says family fun like an afternoon of easy crafts you can prep as a team. Check out three of our blogger favorites, then shop basket-filling goodies kids will flip for, dressed-up outfits for boys and girls, and more festive musts for a picture-perfect holiday.

“A Fun New Way to Dye Easter Eggs” [c/o Handmade Charlotte]
“Paper Plate Easter Chick” [c/o Simple As That]
“Make Your Own Easter Crayons” [c/o Moonfrye]

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Back to School: Lunch Ideas for Every Day of the Week

If your kids’ past school lunches were strictly turkey sandwich territory, the start of a new year is the perfect time to mix things up and get creative. Save them from brown-bag boredom — and save yourself time — with these five easy-to-prep meals, featuring classic recipes with playful twists designed to please even the pickiest eaters. And you can pack everything up in style with colorful, mix-and-match containers and sleek insulated bags from top brands like Goodbyn, Wildkin, and Zak! Designs in our Lunchtime sale, starting tomorrow at noon ET.BTSlunch_newcolor1. Monday: The PB&J Club
> The sandwich standard gets an overhaul by doubling up on breads and spreads, and adding banana slices for a towering lunchtime treat.

2. Tuesday: Zoodles & Meatballs
> Up their veggie intake minus the headache with this super-healthy alternative to the Italian favorite: Just stir fry julienned zucchini for perfectly thin “spaghetti” and top with sausage meatballs and organic marinara.

3. Wednesday: Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups
> Nothing like a little finger food to brighten up the mid-week lull: Grilled cheese is even easier in roll-up form, cooked in a buttery skillet and made for dipping in tomato soup on chilly days.

4. Thursday: Veggie Rainbow Wraps
> Whole wheat wraps pack a serious punch with savory cream cheese and a rainbow of fresh produce. Create a full color wheel with chopped carrots, corn, edamame, and more.

5. Friday: Bear Pizza
> Time for a TGIF pizza party: Take traditional ingredients to the next level with these adorable bear faces, crafted with cookie cutter shapes and black olive features.


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Our Newest Arrival: mbaby™ Collection by Munchkin®

Photo c/o Munchkin

As a new parent, we know that your infant’s comfort and safety is your top priority. Putting your little one to sleep on his back, making sure he’s always strapped safely into his stroller, car seat, and bouncer, and removing pillows and blankets from his crib – these are all second nature to you now. Hey, we get it!


So does Munchkin. After recognizing that babies spend a lot of time on their backs, leaving their chests and tummies vulnerable to the cold, the company came up with mbaby, their new line of premium infant apparel. The collection of super-soft cotton Onester™ body suits and Sleepster™ sleep suits have an exclusive, patent-pending, double-layer front to keep the chill off baby’s chest without overheating her back. This extra bit of built-in comfort and safety proves, as Munchkin’s motto says, “it’s the little things®.”


Now that you don’t have to worry about your baby’s belly getting cold when he’s lying on his back, try our suggestions for fun activities that are guaranteed to engage and entertain little ones in the crib, car seat, or stroller, or when they need a break from tummy time (an important playtime activity that strengthens infants’ neck, back, and shoulders):


• Point to, and name, your baby’s nose, tummy, and knees, then tickle each one to begin teaching your infant to identify the different parts of the body.

• Ask, “How big is Baby?” then stretch your little one’s arms wide and say, “This big!”

• Shake a rattle or dangle a fun toy in front of your little one to encourage her to reach out and grab it.

• Lay your baby down, then take his feet in your hands and gently pedal his legs, as if he were riding a bicycle.

• Start up a rousing game of peek-a-boo. Gets ‘em every time!

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