Pretty Perfect: Laura Mercier’s #Flawless Beauty Rules

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Beauty editors (and aficionados) agree, that when it comes to cult-beauty brands, Laura Mercier tops the list. Her can’t-live-without products emphasize enhancing your natural beauty—not covering it up. “Laura’s inspiration for her palettes come from many sources such as fashion trends, runway shows, etc. but the consistent theme throughout is that the palette colors have to complement one another,” shares Benjamin Ruiz, Director of Global Creative Artistry for Laura Mercier.“She’s removed the guess work and paired the perfect shades together.”

Now, you can shop the A-list makeup brand’s coveted cosmetics today at 12 EST on Gilt; plus, pick up a few expert rules from Benjamin Ruiz. And at up to 65% off, we promise you’ll be tempted to overhaul your (entire) beauty routine!

Rule #1 Make It Effortless: “Keep the skin looking fresh and natural by selecting a foundation that complements your skin tone and provides the correct amount of coverage you desire,” explains Ruiz.  “My favorite combination is Laura Mercier’s Primer Radiance used with Tinted Moisturizer. Next, decide on your priority—maybe it will be your eyes or brows, perhaps bold colorful lips, or flushed cheeks. [Whichever you choose] let that be your focus. This way, you’ll achieve your most effortless look.”

Rule #2 Purchase Duplicates: “ The realization that you forgot to pack your favorite brushes and tools when you’re traveling or about to touch up makeup at work is one of the worst feelings!” shares Ruiz. “I [personally] have multiple brushes of the same kind and I recommend that everyone at least have a travel set for this reason. Laura’s travel brushes are ideal because she designed them to be portable as well as essential.”

Rule #3 Don’t Overdo It: “Lip color is extremely personal and depends on the desired look,” explains Ruiz. “If you want to go subtle, try selecting a shade closet to your own lip color or at the most, a shade or two darker. The wonderful thing about Laura’s Lip Glaces is that they’re sheer and allow a ‘color shy’ person the ability to experiment with fun colors!”


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Six Reasons to Bring Home The Birkin


Trends may come and go, but one thing is for certain—an Hermès Birkin handbag never goes out of style. Starting at noon ET today on Gilt, you’ll have access to the ultimate splurge, a rare one-of-kind Béton Alligator version (see above), plus other covetable styles. And just in case you actually needed an excuse to spoil yourself, we came up with six reasons you need one now.

Reason #1: You Have to Earn It
Think you can just strut in and purchase the iconic “It” bag? Think again! There’s literally a waitlist to get on the waitlist. Most store associates won’t even show you a Birkin unless you make a substantial spend on other Hermès items.


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Who’s That Girl: Introducing the New Barbie “Fashionistas” Lineup

origBarbie has been a style icon for nearly six decades, but just when you thought you knew her, she’s seriously switched things up. Mattel’s latest iterations of the beloved doll — AKA the 23-strong Barbie Fashionistas line — serve up a refreshing dose of diversity, from the new variations in skin tone (eight, to be exact) and hair (signature blonde and way beyond) to the snazzy footwear developments (at long last, flats!).

And the outfits? Obviously, Barbie’s got those covered: Each Fashionista doll comes decked out in a perfectly of-the-moment look — think sporty graphic tees and print-splashed rompers — complete with knockout statement jewelry and a trendy handbag.

Get to know four of the dolls (and their signature style) below, then shop our assortment, stocked with Barbie Fashionistas dolls, inspired outfits for real girls, and lots of constantly coveted toys, from Dreamhouses to hot pink convertibles.

GLAMOUR_Barbie_PLP_TripleDOWNTOWN_Barbie_PLP_Triple MIX_Barbie_PLP_Triple UPTOWN_Barbie_PLP_Triple

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I Get It From My Momma: Gilt Staff Style Advice

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked our stylish Gilt staffers: “What was your mom’s best style advice?” From justifying designer purchases to covering your—ahem—assets, this group of moms shared sound advice that will never go out of fashion.

Check it out below and tell us what your mom taught you via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!


Brittany Billings, Senior Director (Business Development),  San Diego, CA

Mom’s Advice: “You can justify any Chanel (or fill-in-your-favorite-luxury-brand-here) purchase by saying you’ll ‘pass it down to your daughter.’ Lucky for me, I’m her only daughter and my daughter will be born this summer!”-Brittany


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