Gilt Exclusive: Nail Deborah Lippmann’s DIY Chevron Mani

Summer may be over, but don’t let that stop you from sporting playful nails this fall. And nothing says fun like a little sparkle, right? Just take a look at this of-the-moment chevron-striped manicure — complete with luxe, seasonal hues — designed exclusively for Gilt by Hollywood manicure guru Deborah Lippmann. Check out the step-by-step tips below and create your own unique color combos with signature polish sets in our Deborah Lippmann sale, starting tomorrow at noon ET.

1. On clean, dry nails, apply base coat and two coats of rust-colored polish. Make sure to wait two minutes between coats.

2. Depending on the size of each nail, use olive green polish to paint a triangle that covers about one third of the nail with the bottle brush or a striping brush.

3. Using dark purple polish, paint the tips of your nails to create an outline of a triangle that matches the angles of the first triangle shape.

4. Apply top coat to all nails. Wait until dry and enjoy!

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Napoleon Perdis’s Fall Makeup How-To: Perfectly Lined Eyes

(As seen at on the runways at Lanvin and Dsquared)

Fall is in the air, which means it’s time for both a wardrobe update and a makeup refresh. To help us in the makeup department, we asked cosmetics guru Napoleon Perdis to share his favorite look for fall. “Perfectly lined eyes are essential this season,” says Perdis, who gives three simple steps to get the look at home.

1. Hold the liner (liquid or pencil) about 3/4 of an inch from the tip and rest your pinky just below the outer corner of the eye for stability. 
2. Keeping as close to the lash line as possible, line from the inner corner, graduating in thickness as you go. 
3. Finish your line in a tapered point, tailoring the length to suit you.

Create this look with Perdis’s Neo Noir Liquid Liner, plus, score more of his runway-worthy makeup on Gilt today.

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Tweezerman’s Viktorija Bowers Gives Her Best Brow-Shaping Tips

There’s no doubt about it — brows are huge right now, and it’s time you paid yours some extra attention. For those that go the DIY sculpting route, Tweezerman’s precision products and tools are absolute necessities. In honor of our well-stocked sale today, we asked Viktorija Bowers, one of the brand’s top makeup artists, to spill her secrets for achieving the picture-perfect brows you crave.

1. Shape is everything: If you’re looking in the mirror and you don’t know where to begin, Bowers has an easy fix — white pencil. Start by drawing over any unwanted hairs, then “squint your eyes and you will see the shape emerge, giving you a fool-proof path for plucking,” she says. But be wary of overdoing it — too-thin brows are Bowers’ ultimate don’t.

2. Get inspired: In the editorial world, Bowers predicts a departure from model Lara Stone’s signature bleached look into a more pronounced style, a la reigning It Girl and fashion week MVP Cara Delevingne: “What makes her interesting is the contrast of her light hair and her dark, groomed brow.” Are you ready to go bold?

3. Stand by your favorites: We all have our beauty go-to’s, and Bowers is no exception. “I can’t live without my Tweezerman brow mousse. It keeps unruly hair in shape without leaving residue.” Another item she never parts from? The brand’s best-selling Slant tweezer.

4. Handbag essentials: Ladies on the go, listen up: Bowers (a constant traveler for work) always has her beloved Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman tweezers on-hand, because “you never know when a stray will need to be plucked.”

Got all that? Now you’re well on your way to a flawless face! Don’t miss out on Bowers’ top picks and more from our Tweezerman sale today.

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Spring Nail Art: 3 Sophisticated Manicures to Try

Yeah, yeah, we know spring is almost here, but why wait for the official start of the season to sport the hottest new nail trends? We paired our favorites with polish sets from Hollywood’s most sought-after manicurist, Deborah Lippmann, so you can DIY at home. It’s nothing too complicated, we promise.


Neon French Manicure

This new take on the classic French manicure will increase the cool factor of any outfit. And with this set of five mini neon polishes, you can alternate colors all season long.


Multi-Colored Pastel Manicure

Perfect for showing off your girly side and your wicked sense of humor. Choose a different pastel for each finger or alternate your favorite two — it’s up to you!


Über-Sexy Metallic Manicure

Metallics aren’t evening-exclusive; look fierce all day long in these silver, gold and bronze polishes, or layer them for a textured look.

From the basics to mega glitter, choose from many more Deborah Lippmann nail polish sets, created exclusively for

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