Gilt Chat: Rose McGowan on AmfAR, Edgar Allen Poe, and Polyester Pants

Rose McGowan is definitely a kind of girl: A driven actress (The Black Dahlia, Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse, and the upcoming Lifetime pic The Pastor’s Wife, to name a few) with a fearless fashion sense, she also uses her celebrity for good, working with amfAR to raise AIDS awareness. To coincide with her appearance in the newest amfAR PSAs, McGowan is curating a sale with In addition to the gorgeous dresses and glam accessories Rose picked for her sale, we’ve also got an array of great items from amfAR chairman Kenneth Cole, and, as this year marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the AIDS virus, will also be selling ribbons Cole designed to benefit amfAR and the MTV charity Staying Alive (visit We got the chance to chat with McGowan about her involvement with the project, her fabulous fashion sense and her latest film roles, and it’s no exaggeration to say we all have a serious girl crush on her now. Read on, and we’re sure you will too!

Q: So how did you first get involved with Amfar?
I’ve gone to their events for probably, gee, almost seven years, mostly in Cannes. I think it’s an incredibly important and still very timely organization. A friend of mine was just diagnosed three weeks ago so, you know…the need for aid and awareness doesn’t stop. I think Kenneth Cole is amazing for doing this, and you guys are too; it’s a fantastic tie-in with Amfar. It’s a great marriage. I think regardless of whether you buy Kenneth’s clothing or not, it’s amazing the work he’s done for this cause.

Q: Why is it so important to educate young people about AIDS right now?
I think it’s particularly important because so many people these days believe you can just pop a pill and have the whole thing be done with, and that’s simply not the case. It’s a totally radical change in somebody’s life and lifestyle. Everything in their life has changed. I keep reading that the infection rates are just going up higher and higher. It’s really scaring people in London—I was just reading about that the other day—and the situation’s gotten kind of intense. I think it’s a very timely issue and I think it’s really important to be proactive on that front.


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Celebrate our 4th Anniversary with!

It’s been a big year for! We’ve launched the amazingly delicious Taste, the fabulously chic Park & Bond, and relaunched our irresistibly inviting Home section. But we’re not about to start resting on our laurels here at Get ready: We’re celebrating our fourth anniversary in a major way.

Today only—that’s November 1, 2011!—we’re offering our members a special one-day offer: Spend $150, and get $25 off any purchase this week. We have an incredible lineup of sales today, so hitting $150 should be no problem. Choose from fine jewelry by Marco Bicego, gorgeous cosmopolitan clothing from Adam and Tahari, and finishing touches like Cynthia Rowley legwear and Dolce Vita shoes. Did we mention that we’ve also got cult beauty fave Strivectin? What are you waiting for? It’s time to help us celebrate!

Click here for more details:

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Introducing’s Fall Makeover

Here at, we think change is good. And with fall in full-swing (and shopping for our new fall wardrobes along with it!) we didn’t want our beloved site to feel left out. With that in mind, we’re giving a major fall makeover we think you’re going to love. In addition to a gorgeous updated look coming in the next few weeks, we’ll be making exciting changes to make your shopping experience better than ever. We’re rolling it out slowly to make sure it’s perfect, so if you’re not seeing it now, you will soon — and we know you’re going to love it!

So what can you expect to see? Bigger images, faster shopping, and improved navigation to our sister sites, for starters. You can also now “favorite” the labels you love most, and add sales to your calendar with the click of a button. And if you like a more leisurely pace for shopping than our 36 hour sale events, make sure to check out our new Shops. Chock-full of great outfit ideas, wardrobe essentials and trends you’ll want to wear, Shops will offer our fabulous members the chance to shop over a longer period of time. But still no promises that we won’t sell out quickly!

And don’t worry: You’ll still be able to enjoy all the functions you know and love, like previewing sales on Facebook and filtering sales according to your preferences, and we’ll still be bringing you all the best brands at up to 60% off.

We hope you enjoy the new as much as we do! As always, everything we do is with our members in mind, so if you have any feedback—good or bad; we can take it!—shoot us an email at [email protected]


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Get Inspired by Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gilt has partnered with actress and breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate on a sale filled with inspiring styles from head to toe. But what we’re most inspired by is Christina’s grace in not only beating the disease herself, but using her enormous star power to help other women get educated about the disease. Through her foundation, Right Action for Women, the Up All Night star provides information on early screening and detection, treatment options, and empowerment for those afflicted.

Applegate tells Gilt, “The reason I started Right Action for Women was to get the word out that this doesn’t just happen to women who are over 55…I was 36 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The reason that I was able to beat it was by early detection and that was by the smarts of my doctor, who said, ‘Mammograms are not for you; we’re going to do an MRI.’ An MRI can find breast cancer many years before a mammogram can. That’s something that I learned, and that I didn’t know about until I found out in my own life.” And the actress reminds that you can take matters into your hands—literally. “Early detection is key. Breast health is key. It’s to know your body, to be able to do self-examinations, to talk to your doctor if you know that you have a history in your family on either side,” she explains.

“I remember that when my mother was going through cancer, she always said to me, ‘Cancer is a word, not a sentence,’ Applegate tells Gilt. “And I know that there are women who come to this at different stages of cancer, but if we can wrap our heads around the idea that it’s not who you are—you are not cancer, and cancer does not own you; it’s a word and not a sentence—you can start there in your fight, and take your power back. Educate yourself. And try everything—from Eastern to Western medicine, everything you can—to take control back.”

Learn more at, and come back tomorrow, October 12, at noon ET to shop Christina’s inspired sale on

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