Make Some Design Resolutions in 2014 (We’ll Help You Achieve Them)

We’re not sure about you, but a large number of our personal New Year’s resolutions didn’t work so well last year (read: we were eating carbs again by Valentine’s Day. Draw your own conclusions).

This year, we’re making resolutions we know we can keep: design-based ones. (This is our wheelhouse, folks.) And we’ll help you do the same: Starting Sunday, January 5, and every Sunday next month, we’ll feature a sale that’s built around a different design resolution.

And, the Friday before each sale, check back here for a post that’ll give you more tips and tricks for living a more organized, efficient, stylish, and generally first-rate existence in your abode.

We wish you a 2014 filled with inspired design — and, by the way, health, love, and happiness, too.

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