Mix Masters: Street Etiquette Blends Style with Real Life (& Now, You Can Get Them on Your Walls)

When you mix fashion, art, culture, and an ample dose of real life, you’re bound to come out with something that’s equal parts stylish, substantial — and smart. At least, that’s the result if you’re mastering the aforementioned mix like the men’s lifestyle brand Street Etiquette does. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, the two brains behind the marque, look at men’s fashion, modern urban culture, and more, with eyes that are historically and culturally attuned at every turn.

Gumbs and Kissi started out Street Etiquette as a blog, but since then they’ve grown it into a full-on company; beyond providing plenty of visual inspiration on their site, they now do everything from identity consulting for style brands, to trend analysis and design direction, to art collaborations.

On that last front: We’re excited about their latest project, called “Slumflower,” which is a short film (and related editorial shoot) that exemplifies their richly faceted take on everyday-yet-elevated urban style. Here’s a video about it, courtesy of the sartorially sophisticated gents at Gilt MAN:

Gilt x Street Etiquette: ‘Slumflower’ from Gilt MAN on Vimeo.

And now you can get their aesthetic not just on your computer screen… but on your walls. Gilt Home’s offering prints from the shoot (as well as a range of designs, from a variety of companies, that they feel encapsulate their style). Shop the sale starting Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 9 p.m.

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