Gilt Home Custom Collection Launches: 5 Easy Rules That’ll Help You Incorporate These Pieces into Your Space

The premise behind the Gilt Home Collection’s new custom line is quite simple: pick your designs, then choose a fabric. But with so many designs and so many fabrics — and the inevitable temptation to start mixing pieces together — things just got a little more complicated. Luckily, we asked Gilt Home’s creative director (and designer of the collection), Tom Delavan, for a few basic tips. They’ll work well not just for incorporating these brand-new-to-Gilt designs into your space, but just to have in mind in general whenever you’re in the mood for a little redecoration. Here are five nuggets straight from the designer’s mouth:

— Pick a pattern from a fabric or rug that you like, and use that to determine the color of the solids in the room (this is an old decorator trick, and it really works).

— Fashion inspires design; if there’s a color combo you really like from an outfit or a painting, try it in your space. (The Gilt Home Custom Collection has a wide range of colors, from neutral grays, navy, and sandstone to bolder tones like peacock and aubergine.)

— Black, white, and gray are a classic mixture — but don’t stop there. If you choose this modern, minimal route, it still pays to add warmth with texture, wood, and metallics. And plenty of detailing. (Our tufted-back armchair and tufted headboard are good places to start; the button detailing elevates these essential designs.)

— If adding color to an otherwise neutral palette, add 2 or 3 elements.  Just one will look like a mistake.

— A lot of people talk about mixing patterns. Honestly, leave that to the experts. Instead, mix solids with solids or solids with one pattern. OK, I can tell I haven’t convinced you. So… if you really, really want to mix patterns… just use different color scales for each. (The collection has plenty of statement patterns; one of our favorites is Santa Maria desert flower, with an explosion of ebullient florals.)

Feeling design-inspired? Check out the inaugural Gilt Home Custom Collection sale, starting Tuesday, Jan. 28, at noon.

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