What Are You Doing for Valentine’s Day? We Ask A Few of Our Favorite Vendors…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gilt Home! We hope that whatever you’re doing tonight, it involves lots of love, or lots of Valrhona chocolate, or — if you’re really lucky — both. We did a quick survey of some of our favorite vendors, to see what they’re doing. The results ranged from cute to cinematic:

“It has been said that love makes you do crazy things…This Valentine’s Day, I will fly to Hong Kong to meet my other half there and spend a weekend. How’s that for a short trip!” – Supon Phornirunlit, creative director, Naked Decor

“My plans actually don’t include wine, as I will be spending the evening with my 4-year-old son, my sweet baboo, Hampton! His sweet baboo is Vivian, a precious blonde in his kindergarten class, though he assures me I am also on his list of girlfriends. Since Vivian is just shy of dating age, Hampton has agreed to dinner and a movie with Mom.” – Frances Brown, Director of Sales, Rewined

“Wake up with my lovely wife of 6 months, a half-day of skiing, couples message, candlelight dinner followed by a rock concert with friends, and cocktails after.” – Parvez Taj, artist

“I’ll be cooking and watching a classic — Pride and Prejudice — with a special someone.” – Lorenzo Martone, founder, Martone Bikes

“I’ll be going to Tao with all my loser friends and looking for a guy for one of my female friends who’s 65.” – Alice Kawasaki, president, Qualitas Candles

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