Best Sale Ever This Week: Waterworks Studio Bath

Ever stay at a nice hotel and stare at the elegantly sandy-hued, marble bath and think, “How’d they get this so pristine?” Well, it’s not just because of all the marble or the super high-end fixtures… it’s the little details that add up to a luxe look. You may not be able to spend the big money on the former two factors, but that latter one — the accessories — are easy to cover (yet the place where it’s easy to fail big, given the less-than-chic bath accents that clog bed and bath stores nationwide).

Enter Waterworks: the bath company, which designs claw-foot copper tubs that cost a year’s salary for many, is just as passionate about creating accents that are anything but budget-busting. We love the Luna line — soap dispensers, tissue box covers, tumblers, waste cans and more, made of marble — it’s got that high-end-hotel feel down. And the Oxygen series, with its sculptural lines and deep-toned frosted resin material, is more modern, even updated-industrial, in feel (think hip boutique hotel vs a classic five-star). Rounding it all out are the towels, in soft, nature-inspired hues that are modern yet timeless.

All in all, it’ll add up to an easy update, and the takeaway is that you’ll have a spa-like experience every day — without spending a lot. Shop our Waterworks Studio Bath sale starting Wednesday, Feb. 19, at noon.

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