Best Sale Ever This Week: Artful Maps


Ever go to the map room at the New York Public Library? If not, we recommend it. It’s a calming place, dotted with folks who are doing anything from examining their family’s ancestral path, to figuring out where to indulge their wanderlust. And beyond the emotional connections, there’s a purely aesthetic one, too: The maps, on richly textured (often old) paper, are beautiful — with their mottled colors delineating topography, and slightly raised markers and lines, they’re nothing less than art.

Inspired by this map room, we’ve curated a sale of framed map art. Some are literal, like a straight-up NYC grid; others are more out-of-the-box (like Americanflat’s maps of cities, made from nothing but words — pictured here). Get a few on your wall for a well-traveled look that’ll spark your inner explorer.

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