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If you’re not a Dutch burgher who can sign up an artist to paint your self-portrait or a Medici duke equipped to order up a Madonna-and-child painting, don’t worry — you can still have bespoke art: Art Addiction’s pieces are composed of photographs or digital images commissioned by the company and then, upon your order, created to your specifications.

“That’s what makes us unique — customization,” says Tino Grana, the company’s owner, based in NYC. The images are printed on the back of an acrylic panel (which is much lighter than glass) and attached to an invisible frame. Mounted with the included Z-bar hanger, “it looks like it’s glass floating on the wall,” he notes. “In person they take on a different life because they reflect light — they almost look back-lit.”

The company began doing custom framing, purchasing images from sources for work with interior designers and the hospitality industry. “People came in and wanted a photo in a specific color, so I decided to start making it myself,” he says. Now the group does large-scale projects for designers, high-end stores, and upscale hotels.

These works are like snapshots from your fantasy life, or a deep dive into nature, gazing into the face of a flower. Want the perfect anniversary gift? You can’t top a photo of the Lover’s Bridge in Paris, festooned with locks. Or add edge to your loft with an abstract graffiti pattern overlaid on a stack of newspaper. Or perhaps, go back to nature, and grace an entire wall with a panel of 16 photos of tree branches. “It creates a big, dramatic piece for people who have the room,” says Grana. (We’re making room.)

Shop our Art Addiction sale starting Monday, Mar. 24, at noon.

– Maria Ricapito

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