Layered Rugs: How to Master the Perfect Mix


Add color, texture, and visual interest to a room by trying the layered-rugs trend. It might sound complicated to pull off, but just like with putting together an outfit, mastering the right mix isn’t hard… it just requires following a few general guidelines. Here are some tips for success:

Don’t get too close. Pairing beige, with another beige that’s just one shade off, will make for a muddy, wishy-washy look that works against the whole concept of layering. If you’re going tone on tone, make sure the tones are off by at least two shades. (Otherwise it’ll mimic the unfortunate jumpsuit-ish effect of wearing a beige sweater and khaki chinos the same exact color.)

Blend patterns with care. Pattern on pattern is fine; in fact, we encourage it… but when blending patterns, check to make sure that the colors of the two rugs either contrast well or complement each other nicely. Pattern mixing is already giving the eye quite a bit to take in; clashing colors will take it too far.

Mix textures. When mixing, avoid the same texture. Put a shaggy pile over a flat-woven wool, or a honeycomb weave under a criss-cross jute. Just like in fashion, mixing textures creates visual interest… and and an instant “I-hired-my-designer-to-do-it” look.

Work in contrasts. For a dramatic look, go with a contrast: steel gray layered on cobalt, yellow against charcoal gray, or purple and blue. Just make sure to stay within the same general color family, i.e., watch for mixing whites with creamy or icy tones, or neons with primaries.

Mind the gap. If you’re going to layer rugs, don’t do it bashfully … leaving 1 inch of space between rugs isn’t really revealing much at all. Have at least 6 inches of space on every side to show off the bottom layer.

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