7 Questions for Parvez Taj

Parvez Taj’s work may explore complex themes of culture and society, but this artist’s sprawling canvases have the power to electrify any space with their beauty. Taj’s use of unconventional media — from water-based paints to ultraviolet inks, printed on aluminum, bamboo, acrylic, and canvas — makes his pieces a fresh take on contemporary art. We talked to the artist about his newest work, and what’s coming next:

What’s the inspiration for the works in this sale? Bicoastal living — think Venice Beach, CA, and downtown NYC.

We definitely see that. What are your favorites? I like the reinterpreted California State Flag — I replaced the bear with a surfer and printed the piece on natural pine wood. I also like the image called “RX Surf,” which shows a surfer about to hit the waves, overlaid with a typical doctor’s prescription pad — meaning the surf is the prescription needed. It’s printed directly on aluminum, which has a iridescent shimmer as the light is reflected. And I love the piece called “Midtown,” which shows the Manhattan skyline — layered with blue acrylic paints, then splattered with white ink — to give the effect of a cold, snowy day in NYC.

Those of us who just lived through the NYC winter may not buy that last one. But we’ll take all the rest. So, what makes your work stand out, technically? An interesting mix of materials — aluminum, cork, wood, canvas and mirror.

How does the selection in your sale exemplify your style, artistically? They’re both urban and nature scenes, reinterpreted through a modern lens.

In contrast, are there any ways in which they break with your style/take it in a new direction? I strive to make each collection different from the previous, using different paints, layers and photos.

When you help curate these sales for Gilt, do you picture the customer(s)? What does he/she “look” like to you? Fortunately I am the target demographic for the Gilt customer. I curate/create these events for myself and peers.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Tell us something good…. As a hobby, I have started to do a lot of 3D printing — skulls being my focus.  I’m working with a projection team from Budapest, which deconstructs a 3D model of my art and projects it on the skull in intervals.  It’s super cool and close to my heart. But it’ll be a bit until I can bring it to market — and even then, I’m not sure what market that would be.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Very frustrated with what I received. Not only did it take over two months to arrive, but the quality of the print and the materials used are far substandard of what is illustrated in the gilt site. Colors are faded and off where reds appear more of a light pink. The wood is also a minuscule 0.5"x3" plank mounted on a frame instead of what seem to be solid 2×4 or 2×6 reclaimed planks in the advertisement. Very disappointed.

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