Best Sale Ever This Week: Calvin Klein Home

Known for its elegant simplicity and geometric forms, Calvin Klein is one of the most recognizable brands in fashion. But the label’s prowess extends to decor and textiles. From rugs and bedding to dinnerware and bath accents, Calvin Klein home products are sleek and quietly luxurious. Their minimal shapes and washes of color offer a timeless beauty, an approach that whispers seductively rather than shouts. And that’s why we love it… we’re always up for timeless style.

And, starting Wednesday, Apr. 2 at noon, you can pick up on some of the latest wares from this design powerhouse; namely, bedding, in classic hues like steely gray and icy blue (perfect for spring and beyond), and rugs with a contemporary geometric edge. All abide by the less-is-more mantra that always make for top-flight design. Pick your favorites, and add instant sophistication to your abode.

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