7 Questions for Tyler Thoreson, VP of Editorial, Gilt


Classic shapes, silhouettes, and styles, with an updated twist that emphasizes the details: That’s Tyler Thoreson’s aesthetic. Whether the Gilt editorial VP’s jetting to back-to-back office meetings, heading to events downtown, or enjoying weekends with the kids, the common denominator is subtly stated style that’s never fussy or superfluous. For the latest installation of our “Gilt Influencer Picks” series, Thoreson raided the Gilt coffers and picked some men’s fashion and home decor, which he either has, or has on his wish list; all speak of his fashion and design sense. We asked him about his inspirations and more:

Describe your personal style (fashion-wise). “Classics with a twist” may be the most annoying phrase in the history of menswear. It’s also an incredibly apt description of the way I dress.

You always pull such a good office look together… what do you wear on Saturday with the kids? I guess you could call it suburban dad, minus the dad jeans. A Hamilton button-down and denim from Baldwin or Imogene + Willie are pretty typical. The whole cargo pant comeback of the past few years has been a boon for me. I’ve been known to stow a couple diapers in the cargo pockets of my Mark McNairy’s.

Describe your design style. A mashup of boho and midcentury, with a growing strain of Scandinavian. Very World of Interiors is how our art director Lisa Strassberg described it, and I’ll take that. As in all things, my taste vastly exceeds my budget, which is, of course, why I love shopping Gilt Home.

How do you achieve that design aesthetic with three little ones — and a pug — running around the house? I tend to think that nice things look better with a little wear on them, which could be a legitimate aesthetic position, or it could just be a rationalization for the fact that there’s crayon on virtually everything in our house that’s within reach of a 2-year-old.

We’re coveting a lot of the men’s styles you chose for this sale, from Paul Smith denim shoes to a LV briefcase that’s got us thinking about busting into our 401(k). Why did you choose what you did, and what are some of your favorites? Great tailoring, perfect-fitting denim, well made shoes — these are things every guy needs, and you’ll find plenty of that here. It may be a while before I can afford the gold Rolex Submariner, or that LV briefcase, but, hey, you need something to aspire to.

And what about the decor you picked? We noticed there’s some art there that looks like what you’ve got in the office… it’s all very you. Take us through a few must-haves. Obviously, coffee table books are as much decor as literature, but everything here is something I have read or would read. I love the modern lines of our exclusive Hewson collection, especially combined with a kilim pillow or vintage inspired rug. As for the wardrobe, I’d like to think that nothing here is going to be out of style in five years — yet everything looks current in 2014.

Say a hapless dude walks up to you in the elevator needing help with both style and home decor. What could/would you say in 30 seconds or less? Fit is king. And don’t bring anything into your home that you wouldn’t want there 10 or 15 years from now.  

Shop Thoreson’s picks on Gilt, starting Sunday, April 20, at 9 p.m.

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