Best Sale Ever This Week: Abstract Art Prints

Empty new room

Literal is overrated… it’s time to blur the lines and get a little abstract. To that end, here at Gilt Home we’re excited about our latest offering from 1000Museums,  an online destination that works with museums to make art and culture more accessible (and affordable).

Inspired by the current spate of abstract art retrospectives in museums nationwide (like Princeton University Art Museum’s “Rothko to Richter: Mark-Making in Abstract Painting” and the St. Louis Art Museum’s “Tragic and Timeless: The Art of Mark Rothko”), the folks at 1000Museums curated this collection of abstract art prints from greats like Rothko, Matisse, and more. They’re colorful, energetic, and will add splashy style and a gallery feel to your home; they’re the quickest possible way to seriously update your space without spending lots of effort (or cash). Shop the sale starting Monday, June 9th at noon.

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