Get Jet-Set: Quick Tips on Packing for Summer Jaunts

When it comes to summer travel, there are as many packing styles as there are personalities. Some folks throw a bikini, sarong, and flip-flops in a tote and call it a weekend. Others are a little more… high-maintenance. No matter where you fall, if you aren’t already a master at the art of packing light, check out the efficiency-boosting tips we scored from four globe-trotters who have lugged many a weekend bag in their time.

Make a list, check it twice. “You’ll pack more quickly and effectively with a list, and you’ll probably pack less than if you just stand in front of your closet and toss things in. Resist the urge to add more stuff if the suitcase isn’t full! You can save even more time by creating a standard packing list online (or on your smartphone) that you can quickly modify for each trip. And, when planning outfits, think about packing fewer bottoms, which are bigger and bulkier than tops. Remember to switch the look with accessories.”— Lisa Zaslow, Founder and CEO of Gotham Organizers (

Be prepared for beauty. “Don’t ever unpack your toiletries bag – keep it the same for each trip, with travel versions of your favorite products. Mine include Eve Lom cleanser, Jurlique moisturizer and Josie Maran Argan Oil.” — Ruzwana Bashir, CEO and Founder of, a one-­stop shop for booking activities while traveling

Go away from the light. “Though it looks great, avoid packing white for a destination without laundry.  One stain, and that piece of clothing is useless for the rest of the trip.”— Michelle R. Smith, interior designer at Studio MRS

Pick versatile pieces. “If you’re headed to a place like the mountain-chic summer wedding I went to in Telluride, Colorado, it presents a challenge of extremes — especially if you don’t want to check luggage. Here are a few items not to leave home without: 1. A down sweater. They are compact and stuff-able, unlike their more bulky jacket cousins. I have a black one made by The North Face, which is flatteringly fitted and as stylish as a leather jacket. It can cover up wedding attire, and double as summit warmth on an ambitious hike. 2. Wedge sandals: While stilettos might be your shoe of choice for your wedding cocktail dress, consider a cute, comfortable wedge that doubles up with sundresses and might actually help you remain upright during the vows.”— Mary Anne Potts, Editor, National Geographic Adventure online

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