Best Sale Ever This Week: Gilt Gallery (Works by Haring, Warhol & More)

framesNew York-based private art advisory service Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, led by Marla Hamburg Kennedy, is one of the preeminent businesses of its kind — and now, this curatorial powerhouse is once again gracing Gilt with its talents, in the form of highly collectible art. You’ll find originals, editions and more from world-renowned artists (think Haring, Miro, and others) and contemporary young talents alike, including Klaus Enrique, a world-renowned artist famous for his superbly subversive photographic still-lifes which are directly inspired by the work of 17th century artist Giuseppe Archimboldo. Overall, what you’ll find here is a selection that’ll suit almost any taste and style.

Shop the sale starting Wed., June 25, at noon, and get your gallery on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i must to tell you samthing you are the best sallar that i know.evrithng go so good and gentel. i lave to bay at yor stor. thank you and have a nice day and weeked. drora arad.

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