Master Summer Style at Home: Design Tips from Jonathan Adler

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Summer’s the perfect time to add pop and personality to your home, and Jonathan Adler’s colorful designs are the ideal way to do just that. His irreverent accents will fill your space with unique charm, and inspire you every day. And, speaking of inspiration, we asked the potter, designer, and author this question — “How do you make it through the summer in style?” — and, in response, he gave us these tips to get us through the balmy season with plenty of style and flair. Below, some of his summer must-haves:

1. A bright, bold beach towel. They’re cozy, draped over a chair they add color, and you can always wrap yourself in one if it gets chilly by the pool when the sun goes down.

2.  Music! Who can entertain without music? Don’t just pop on Pandora – curate a summer-chic playlist. The only thing more authentically American than country music is a rusty Ford pickup truck.

3.  Anyone who doesn’t have a bar cart is insane! Bar carts announce to the world that you’re a good decorator, that you’re a little bit louche, and that you’re up for a good time. Wheel one by the sofa, wheel one outside, wheel one wherever you need a little extra fun.

4.  Swap your pillows around. Store the wool and put out the cotton.   Your pad will look as cool and crisp as you feel.

5.  Games are a great distraction in the (unlikely) event that conversation lags at your summer soiree.  Think beyond bocce and lawn darts and bring your indoor favorites outside.  A lacquer backgammon set says you’re a glamorous funster.

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