Rug Rules: Tips from Top Designers Isaac Mizrahi, Thom Filicia & Luli Sanchez

What better way to redefine a room than with a rug? And what better rug than a designer one? To that end, we’re excited to present our designer rug event, starting at noon on Tue. July 15, on Gilt Home: you’ll find inspired floor coverings from Isaac Mizrahi, Thom Filicia, Luli Sanchez and Calvin Klein. Here, three of the featured designers give their tips and thoughts about how to make rugs work in your space (and life):

“A room starts and ends with a rug: It’s the most important choice of all. Just as a beautiful fabric print or color palette can inspire a new fashion collection, a rug’s design and colors should be the catalyst for the look of your entire room.” — Isaac Mizrahi

“Rugs are a great place to add a layer of unexpected interest, bold color and engaging pattern that speak to your personality and the lifestyle of that room.” — Thom Filicia

“When it comes to buying a rug, buy what you love. Don’t worry if it’s ‘timeless’ or ‘modern’ enough because rugs are just another work of art to showcase your personality.”— Luli Sanchez

“It’s important to take into account your lifestyle when choosing a rug. If you have children or pets (or messy adults) in your home, it can be helpful to use a wool rug with a pattern that is both cleanable and able to hide the unwanted signs of life.” — Thom Filicia

“When the rug is right the room is right. The right rug establishes a color scheme and sets the stage for conversation areas, dining and lounging spaces within the room when placed strategically.” — Isaac Mizrahi

“If you love a neutral pallet remember with rugs that texture is your friend from thick textured piles to luxurious shine — adding an element of depth to neutral tones gives a rug that extra added style and warmth that pulls a room together.” — Luli Sanchez

“Rugs are essential for both small and large spaces alike — making large spaces feel grounded and welcoming, while helping to expand smaller spaces so that they feel spacious and open.” — Thom Ficilia

“When choosing a rug for small spaces, go for impact with the color, pattern and most importantly, the size: go big! Using a larger rug to fill the ground space actually makes small spaces feel bigger vs. using smaller rugs.” — Luli Sanchez

“The rug is the personality of the room. The best way to express your decorating personality is with a rug.” — Isaac Mizrahi

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