Rosie Pope’s Holiday Dressing Tips

We sat down with the super-chic Pregnant in Heels star, and she spilled a ton of bump-friendly holiday dressing tips. Rosie dished on the best styles, patterns, and accessories for festive moms-to-be, and even revealed her favorite items from her stylish maternity line (on sale Wednesday at Gilt Baby & Kids!). Looking great and feeling fab is easy, just ask Rosie!

Which colors and patterns are in for the holidays?
Winter white is your friend. It not only looks sharp and on-trend, but after the baby is born it will camouflage your wee one’s spit up! Also, keep an eye out for bright colors (like lipstick pinks), and animal prints. If you’ve ever wanted to flaunt these, now is the time—and you don’t have to be subtle about it!

Any advice for moms-to-be who like a little bling?
If you want to wear sequins or any type of sparkle, make sure the colors are the same as the fabric they come on. This will allow you to be festive without looking over-the-top.

What’s the best thing to wear if you want to be really comfortable?
Leggings! Don’t be afraid to wear them to holiday parties as long as you pair them with knee-high boots and a stylish sweater.

Is there a must-have accessory this season?
Skinny belts are wonderful to add a dash of color and make any outfit festive. I love animal print belts, but make sure they’re comfortable—especially when you sit down.

What are your favorite looks from the Gilt Baby & Kids sale?
Royal Plum Maxi Mini: It’s formal without losing its fun, flirty feel. The empire waist means it’s perfect in any trimester, or to disguise a bit of post-baby tummy.

Coco Wrap Dress: If you’ve ever been self-conscious about wearing waist-accentuating wrap dresses, pregnancy is the perfect time to put that away, and there’s no better time to wear teal! This dress is also versatile, as it can go from work during the day to a date or event in the evening.

Corduroy Jeggings: Pregnancy shouldn’t mean you don’t have the comfort of a classic, preppy pair of cords. So, I’ve designed these corduroy jeggings out of a stretchy, luxurious fabric that I absolutely adore.

Any other tips?
Don’t worry if you wear your favorite outfits over and over to all the holiday parties. People aren’t expecting a new ensemble every time, and you can make the same dress work by switching up your accessories. Also, stick to styles that accentuate your best assets, but be sure that you can layer—winter can be a time of constant hot and cold for a mom-to-be.

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    I read a note regarding sending in a picture of a child fro a modeling job today and then I lost the e-mail. Where do I go to send a picture?

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