The Most Unique Dollhouse on the Market

We bet you’re tired of tacky toys that ruin your tasteful decor. The solution: Brinca Dada. The New York-based company takes dollhouses to a whole new level with floor-to-ceiling windows, solar panels, and an open floor plan. They are unlike any others we’ve see before, and we have them on sale today! We sat down with Brinca Dada Founder and CEO Doug Rollins, who dished on why these modern toys are the ultimate dream house.

Why did you start Brinca Dada?
I started it because I was a toy buyer (and dad of 3) and I became tired of seeing so many ugly toys on the market. I knew that if I wanted to see better designed toys, surely there were other parents and grandparents who felt the same.

Have the brand’s modern dollhouses changed the way people think about dollhouses?
Yes, although not everyone is a fan. We get a strong negative reaction from people who love traditional Victorian or Barbie dollhouses. Fortunately, we get even stronger positive reactions from customers who love good design and want to give their kids (or themselves) something that is beautiful on it’s own.  As one woman giddily explained to us when she first saw one of our dollhouses, “There’s a 5-year-old girl inside me that is screaming for joy right now!”

What are a few things parents should look for when choosing a dollhouse?
I think the most important element is to find a dollhouse that will engage the child’s imagination for a long time. Look for dollhouses that can be played with from different angles and/or in different configurations. Unless it’s for travel, you probably want to get as much house as you can handle in terms of size. The bigger the house, the more room for dolls, stuffed animals, furniture, cars, etc. Finally, avoid dollhouses with one-use features. For example, if the house has an elevator, that’s great because you can make it into a parking garage or a dumbwaiter. However, if the feature only has one use, like a frying sound on the stove, that will likely get old after a while.

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