Maternity Maven: Meet Ingrid of Ingrid & Isabel!

Every pregnant woman has an “OMG my pants don’t fit” moment, but thanks to Ingrid Carney, there’s no need for a meltdown. The Bellaband, which she created while pregnant with her daughter (named Isabel, of course!) helps keep pants in place, so a burgeoning belly doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your go-to jeans. Being the fashion-savvy woman that she is, Ingrid also developed an entire maternity line. Here, she talks belly basics, including her fashion advice for chic moms-to-be.

Why did you start Ingrid & Isabel?
Trying to get dressed while pregnant with Isabel presented me with a challenge, and soon after I thought of the Bellaband. Having years of marketing experience under my belt, along with a baby bump, I quickly knew the Bellaband was a good idea. I named my start-up Ingrid (that’s me) & Isabel (the inspiration in my belly).

How has the Bellaband changed the lives of moms-to-be?
I think the Bellaband, along with today’s fashion and the economy, has changed the way women look at maternity. It’s really become a process of examining her closet, purchasing functional pieces to make her wardrobe work with a changing belly, and buying items that are cute, well made, and can possibly work after pregnancy. This way a short-term investment gets more life, and women can continue to look and feel beautiful while pregnant.

What should women look for when they’re shopping for maternity clothes?
Four things: function, longevity, quality, and fashion. This means they need a few key essentials, such as seamless camis, a tank, a legging, and a few tees. They should invest in a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants, both full-panel, which will cover the belly comfortably. Plus they should have a few dresses that are easy, both short and long. Women can wear them with heels and jewelry, with jackets or cardigans for work; or with sandals on the weekends and evenings. They can add accessories like a belt, a scarf or a printed silky top over anything.

What is the best piece of advice you can give moms-to-be?
It’s lovely to take pride in a pregnant body, and know that pregnancy comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. So embrace the body your pregnant self reveals and enjoy the journey. Also, a little lip gloss goes a long way.



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