The Ultimate Modern Fairy Tale Nursery

If Cinderella and Prince Charming had a child, this is what their modern-day baby’s room would look like. Project Nursery, one of the top destinations in children’s design, used the items in our sale to create these fanciful kids’ rooms, and we think it’s a perfect fit for moms who strive to mix the old-school with the new-school. Who needs a glass slipper when you can step into one of these beautiful bedrooms every day?

For Your Little Prince or Princess (see above)
“Regal and glamorous, the Haven Crib by Newport Cottages is the perfect crib for a fairytale-inspired nursery. The custom gray finish updates this classic canopy design, making it fitting for the modern prince or princess. Carousel Designs’ Zig Zag crib bedding keeps you chic and on trend by incorporating a graphic element along with the popular gray-and-yellow color scheme. “

  1. Flutter Wall Decals by Blik
  2. Valentino Chandelier by Jubilee
  3. Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks
  4. Gray & Yellow Zig Zag Crib Bedding by Carousel Designs
  5. Haven Crib by Newport Cottages
  6. Tree Limb Mobile by Fischtale Designs
  7. Cody Changer Dresser by Newport Cottages

For Your Little Prince

“The two-tone custom-built crib and bookcase, Cody by Newport Cottages, has a lavish look without being overdone. No fuss and simply clean and modern, the Cody Crib is truly eye-catching. The colors pair beautifully with the soft gray-blues of Carousel Designs’ Windy Day crib set. And in our opinion, the uber-hip “snake skin” crib sheet makes the look complete. Lastly, the traditional yet playful Nurseryworks Empire Rocker is a true standout in slate gray for both parent and prince.”

  1. Windy Day Crib Bedding Set by Carousel Designs
  2. Harp Chandelier by Jubilee
  3. Elephant Art by Avalisa
  4. Dinosaur Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder
  5. Cody Bookcase by Newport Cottages
  6. Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks
  7. Cody 6 Drawer Dresser by Newport Cottages
  8. Cody Crib by Newport Cottages

For Your Little Princess

“Bratt Decor’s Casablanca Iron Crib is both classic and elegant. In a gorgeous gold finish, this crib will be the crown jewel of the nursery (aside from the baby of course!). Sweet handmade accessories like the Tree Limb mobile by Fischtale Designs completes a room scheme fit for a princess.”

  1. Tree Limb Mobile by Fischtale Designs
  2. Grand Glider by Newco
  3. Wall Sconces by Jubilee
  4. Table Lamp by Jubilee
  5. Classic Changing Chest by Bratt Decor
  6. Blanket by Little Giraffe
  7. Casablanca Iron Crib by Bratt Décor
  8. Doll House by KidKraft
  9. Shag Rug by Momeni



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