Top 5 Stroller Shopping Tips

When we started thinking about our requirements for a stroller (smooth ride, easy to steer, can handle rough terrain), we realized that they were similar to the ones we had for our dream car. Well, that red convertible with leather interior and all-wheel drive? Not happening! It’s time to focus on getting some new wheels to transport the tots. Follow these tips from our experts, and you’ll definitely score a sweet ride at our Stroll in Style event.

Is this your first stroller? If so, buy one that will work for newborns and older. I had a Maclaren from the time my daughter was 3 months until now (she is 3 and a half years old). Chances are you’ll buy more than one over time, but having the option of keeping one for your child from birth and beyond is key. —Melissa Keswin, Apparel & Gear Buyer, Gilt Baby & Kids

If you live in a city and tend to walk everywhere, make sure the seats recline fully so that your child can sleep comfortably if napping happens on the road. Also, look for strollers that have nice under-basket storage space (in the early days as a new mom when my core was still weak, putting a heavy diaper bag below allowed me to forgo carrying anything). —Isabel Kallman,

Buy the lightest weight stroller possible. Sure, it might not have every bell and whistle known to man, but a lot of those features become less important over time. What remains paramount forever? Not breaking your back when you have to lug the thing in and out of your car repeatedly! —Sarah James,

It’s important to understand how it rides on the street, so take it for a test drive. Go for a stroll on the kind of terrain you’ll be tackling to ensure it’s qualified for the job. —Meredith Sinclair,

Choose the right handle bars. You’ll be pushing this vehicle around regularly, and not having a comfortable steering system to fit your body type can result in some bad back aches! Ask yourself these questions: Are the handle bars the right height and shape? Are they adjustable? Are they padded? Make sure to test out a few and find the perfect fit for everyone who will be using the stroller regularly. —Melissa Keswin, Apparel & Gear Buyer, Gilt Baby & Kids



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