Cool Gifts for Dad’s Day

No longer the stoic pillars of money and one-word answers, dads are involved on a multitude of levels: he’s a diaper-changer, an expert chef, a slightly more styled and perhaps tattooed hipster holding a baby in his arms. He likes rad stuff, to put it into the common vernacular. Yes, dads have grown up and arrived, which means we must discover better gifts for his upcoming day of recognition as a Father on June 17. So I’ve put together a few items from Gilt that represent this new and improved dad. Enjoy!

Nespresso Citiz, $249
If we could replace our blood for this roasted bean juice, we would, and Nespresso couldn’t have made it simpler to drink a “cuppa.” Simplicity and tasty both work for us, so we’ve chosen this Nespresso Citiz. Order it now and you’ll get it before Dad’s Day. And with Gilt you’re saving around $100 bucks. Dads like savings too, ladies.

 Picnic at Ascot Cooler & Grill, $24
Grilling something on a barbecue just makes it magically taste better. Whether it’s simple burgers or marinated vegetable skewers, the idea of bringing a grill with me wherever I go is ultra-appealing. Not only is this a portable charcoal grill (and let’s face it, charcoal is the jam), but it also comes with an awesome cooler to transport aforementioned meat and vegetable products. Sounds pretty yumtacular to us.

Baby Bjorn Carrier Active, $96

Don’t forget that dads-to-be and new dads need the Father’s Day love as well. This baby carrier let’s hiker-dad, walker-dad, chef-dad, and all the other active-dads have the closeness of babywearing and the comfort of the Baby Björn product line. I took my son all over the place in this baby transport accessory, spending lots of time with him and allowing me to stay active. Best of both worlds.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing for dad!!!

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