Sunkissed: Top Five Summer Must-Haves

Ahhhhhh. Can you feel that? It’s the sand on your toes. The mad dash to the beach has officially begun, and your kids will need some new gear if they want to ride the waves in style. In addition to some SPF, these five items will prep kids for a season in the sun, whether they’re swimming in the ocean or playing in the backyard. Click here for more of our best-of-beach kids’ picks.

Julie Brown Reversible Beach Chair,  $39

KidKraft Pirate Sandboat
, $200

Eberjey Chloe Bikini

Cabana Life Turtle Rashguard Set (has built-in UV protection!), from $22

Roxy Sewn Up Convertible Tote, $23




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3 Responses to Sunkissed: Top Five Summer Must-Haves

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It is impossible to buy any of the dolphin life jacketsin the hope that they will fit due to a lack of accurate size information. The jackets are shown being sold as S, M, & L, but when one clicks on the link for the size chart to see what constitutes a S, M, or L, there is no information–only an inapplicable other type of size chart shown! This is a shame, as I have 6 grandchildren to buy for…

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are so sorry about this, and are adding more sizing info to the life jackets right now. We apologize for your frustration. Here is a link to the sale:

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