Three Reasons You Need a Baby Cargo Stroller

We’ve tested some sweet wheels in our lifetime. The Mustang convertible in college, and then once we had a few kids, we got the big six-seater we always said we’d never get. Along with the family came the strollers, and since these weren’t the types of wheels we were used to, we took our research seriously. We were in the market for something lightweight, but (and we hate to admit this) it needed to look cool too. The stroller from Baby Cargo was the jackpot, and here’s why.

1. Innovative design: Their designers source soft, durable fabrics and draw inspiration from home and fashion trends, car interiors, and nature, which is why the stroller looks so sleek.

2. The matching stroller bag. It’s super-chic, and you can hook it onto the stroller or wear it over your shoulder. It comes in cool color combos, too.

3. The pockets: They are stashed everywhere. Perfect for snacks and toys that will keep your tot entertained.

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