Back-to-School Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips From Moms

The teachers are about to take over, and we couldn’t be more excited. But after a summer schedule filled with fun (Ha! We feel guilty for even calling it a “schedule”), prepping kids for the new school year is one tough job. So we went straight to the big guns for advice, and here’s what they had to say.

Monogram everything. You won’t believe how many items will be lost, especially when it comes to the younger (kindergarten and first grade) set. —Sarah James, founder of and Gilt Kids mom ambassador

Cure their concerns: If your child voices concerns about starting a new school or class, talk to him or her about it. Setting up a play date with a new classmate before school begins may help your child feel more comfortable, too. —Melissa Keswin, Gilt Kids senior buyer

Secure a sleep schedule: As hard as it is to go to bed “on time” when it’s still summer, get your kids back on track at lease a week before school starts. —Meredith Sinclair, founder of

Do desk time: About six weeks before school starts, I slowly introduce scheduled activities, including at least 20 minutes of desk time. Now that my son is entering fourth grade, that includes doing math exercises online and writing projects, such as writing letters to friends and family and journaling. —Isabel K., founder of

Create a countdown: For younger kids, make a calendar a week before with a countdown of the days till school starts to alleviate their anxiety. —Rachel J., Gilt Kids general manager

Make a calendar: Make a chart of all the extracurricular activities that are scheduled for the weeks ahead so kids get a sense of what they have on tap (this also helps mom and dad stay sane). Share it with your kids (or better yet, make the chart with them). —Katia P., Gilt mom

Choose outfits early: It’s important to let kids express their own sense of style, but if getting dressed becomes a battle, give them just two choices and lay them out the night before. —Rachel J., Gilt Kids general manager

Write a note: Put a note in your child’s backpack or lunch bag on the first day of school. Even something simple like “Have a great day today!” will brighten their day and give them a little surprise. —Melissa K., Gilt Kids senior buyer

Say cheese: Take a first day of school picture. It will come in handy when they get older to reminisce.  —Katia P., Gilt mom

Manage meltdowns: Be prepared for a few meltdowns during the first few weeks of school. New teachers, new kids, and new routines can be really hard on little ones, so be sure to smother wee ones with lots of love and hugs while they transition into the new year. —Sarah J., founder of


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