Top 5 Reasons You Need the New Bugaboo

We’ve been waiting for these wheels to arrive for months. We not-so-secretly wish we were talking about our dream car, but this stroller is just as cool (although built-in speakers would have been nice). Bugaboo’s new Cameleon3 by designers Viktor & Rolf is finally making its debut on Gilt Baby & Kids. You know that amazing feeling you have right after you get your first car? That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you buy this couture cruiser. The company only made 200 of these babies, so be ready to shop  at noon ET on Wednesday, August 22. Bugaboo’s brand manager, Amanda Bogues, tells us why this stroller is stealing the spotlight.

1. The sports car-style fabric comes in a cool mono-color grey that is unlike any other stroller color on the market.

2. It flaunts a hand-stitched handle bar and carry handle (it’s similar to the stitching on a car’s stick shift).

3. There is a rear-window in the canopy so you can keep an eye on your little one, and he or she can see you too.

4. It’s equipped with rear silver alloy wheels featuring the Viktor & Rolf emblem (fancy!)

5. Both the footmuff and rear of the bassinet features a cheeky custom-made license plate that reads “bb – ♥ – V&R”.

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4 Responses to Top 5 Reasons You Need the New Bugaboo

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