The Ultimate Bohemian Nursery

We normally put baby furniture into two categories: traditional and modern. But we were determined to think outside the crib. So we shopped…and shopped…and shopped, until we found products that appealed to those who have a hippie-chic flair (flow-y tops and bell-bottoms not included). We created a whole sale filled with furniture, bedding, and wallpaper with patterns free spirits will flock to. Below are our top picks.

1. Annette Tatum Reversible Quilt in Goa Sorbet, $77 (from $130)

2. Avalisa Allium wall art, $49  (from $99)

3. Annette Tatum Reversible Quilt in Bingo Whisper, $77 (from $130)

4. Avalisa Blue Hue Train wall art,  starting at $29 (from $59)

5. Amiee Wilder Ikat Pixel Wallpaper, $105 (from $150)

6. Muu Ray Crib, $551 (from $875)

7. Annette Tatum Moses Basket, starting at $129 (from $216)

8. NewCo Grand Glider Bella Velvet, $599 (from $899)

9. Beck to Nature Sixkid Rocking Horse, starting at $320 (from $400)

10. Mod Mom Furniture’s The Bertie Box, $265 (from $395)


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