Cool Back-to-School Trends

Haute mama Shanelle Rein-Olowokere and her son, Dayo

Back-to-school is in full swing, but we agree with’s child style expert — there’s a ton of cute kids’ clothes to choose from. So where do you begin? Shanelle Rein-Olowokere, style editor at’s Moms & Babies blog, took a break from back-to-school shopping and chose the top three trends that will make the grade this fall.

I Burgundy
You’ll find everything from pants and tops to shoes in this rich hue. I suggest finding pieces that your kids love and then pairing them with navy, forest green, or deep purple. If you want your tot to be really fashion forward, a head-to-toe burgundy look (a dress with cream tights and matching shoes or a rugby shirt with fine whale corduroys paired with loafers) is a great way to make him/her stylishly ready for the school halls.

Try This: Coupe Cutie Hooded Snowflake Jacquard Sweater, $31 (from $62)

College Chic

By far, this is one of my fave trends for fall. It’s such a nostalgic look, but luckily loads of brands have updated it for modern kids. The most popular piece is the letterman jacket. You’ll find it in either a solid color or with contrast sleeves. If it has cool patches, even better.

Try This: Tommy Hilfiger Kingsley Hooded Track Jacket, $33 (from $64)

Mini MVPs

Whether you have a girl or boy, dressed up sweats is an adorable look. Take a pair of gray sweatpants (rolled up at the ankle) and pair it with a structured blazer, tee, and ballet flats for girls. And for boys, pair them with a Breton stripe sweatshirt and classic sneakers like Converse or Superga.

Try This: Puma Promo Tricot Set, $36 (from $52)

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