Little Gilt: Our Apparel & Bedding Line

We are so pumped for our new line! You’ve seen our adorable Little Gilt bedding on the site before, but now we have baby clothes too (they will make you melt, we promise). Our Senior Buyer Melissa Keswin, who designed the super-soft line (all the styles are made with 100-percent pima cotton), chatted with us about her first foray into fashion.

Why did you decide to launch Little Gilt apparel?
We saw a need for a luxury baby product at a good price that still offered great quality. It took us about six months to design and develop the collection.

How did you decide on the designs and colors for the clothes?
We took our inspiration for the designs from different places. We used feedback from new moms struggling to find what they were looking for. Plus, we looked at the common styles and colors from our top-selling baby clothes. We added trims in different colors, ruffles, and patches, and the bright colors were inspired by how moms are dressing their babies.

What is your favorite style and why?
I am extremely proud of our entire collection because there was so much thought put into every detail, but if I had to pick one favorite style, it would be the two-piece kimono set. Aside from being adorable, it’s also versatile and translates from a day at home with mom to an out-and-about family day.

Ruffle Kimono Jacket and Legging Set, $54

What makes this line of bedding stand out?
Its modern simplicity. We designed the line so that customers could mix-and-match pieces and create their own crib sets. Our sheets, duvets, and blankets are made of the softest cotton and chenille (some are eco-friendly, too), cause we just couldn’t imagine little ones snuggling up against anything else.


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2 Responses to Little Gilt: Our Apparel & Bedding Line

  1. Megan says:

    In your pictures of your new bedding, you show the cutest mobile hanging over a crib with sheep and a wooden corral…can you let everyone know where that mobile is from? Thank you!

  2. Melinda says:

    Oh, I love your camisole onesies….I bought a few from the feather baby collection on here about a year or so ago and have been looking for them like crazy ever since. I would love to buy these in all sizes…but why are the Gilt apparel onesies so expensive!!!!!

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