Mom365: Why They’re so Fabulous

We are huge fans of the women at Mom365, and we love the name, because they literally have moms covered from every angle. The one-stop destination will answer a lot of your questions about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, so when you have a little downtime (ha!) click your way over to the site. We asked Julie Rutherford, vice president of digital at Mom365, for the dish; here’s what she had to say.

When and why was Mom365 started?
Mom365 is a division of Our365, which was started over 50 years ago as an in-hospital newborn photography company. We currently meet 2 million moms each year! The Mom365 web site was started a few years ago to give our hospital moms a way to connect and share their ideas and thoughts with other moms in a secure community.

What specific types of information can moms get on the website? helps moms learn, save, and share. We offer helpful information, advice, interactive tools, and more on the topics that interest pre- and post-natal moms most, including breastfeeding, mommy fitness, and what to put on your baby registry. Our community is a safe, supportive place for moms to talk about the wonderful and challenging aspects of motherhood. And our new flash sales and giveaways offer moms amazing deals and ways to win every week.

What are your top three tips to help moms get through the first few weeks with their newborns?
1. Sleep when your baby sleeps.
2. Accept the help everyone offers.
3. Have someone to talk to when you get frustrated, down, or upset  — it’s totally normal and you need a sounding board to keep you sane.

What are the top five must-have items for new moms?
1. Nursing pillow
2. 50 million onesies and diapers
3. Front baby carrier
4. Good stroller that you are comfortable pushing (not to short, tall, or heavy).
5. Bouncey seat or swing


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