Q&A: Rosie Pope Launches Her New Book

We’re pretty sure there aren’t any baby-related questions that can baffle Rosie Pope. She puts perplexed parents through her baby boot camp on Pregnant in Heels and viola! Couples emerge confident that they can conquer the hardest job on the planet: Parenthood. We sat down with this multitasking mama and grilled her about her new book, Mommy IQ. Plus, we asked her for advice on how moms today can have it all.

Why did you decide to write Mommy IQ?
In my experience, there were only two types of mommy books: the dry informational kind and the slapstick girlfriend’s guide. I wanted to give people one book with all the expert information, but I wanted it to be a girlfriend’s guide too. I’ve talked to some of the world’s best pregnancy experts (doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists), and I wanted to share all the info I’ve learned at a price tag that’s affordable.

Can you tell us a little bit about the book?
The book offers step-by-step advice on how to get pregnant, what happens during delivery and after birth, all the testing you’ll get done, and what you can and can’t eat. It also touches on what’s going on in the bedroom, and how to handle finances with a baby on the way. At the end of each chapter, there is a section I call the “man cave,” which is the male perspective on each topic. It’s important to see both sides!

What are the top three things you hope moms will take away from the book?
1. I hope that they have more confidence in their ability to be great moms.
2. They should be secure in having a healthy pregnancy.
3. They shouldn’t constantly feel judged in the decisions that they make. Moms should be able to form their own opinions and be confident about them (for example, breastfeeding vs. not breastfeeding, or medicated birth vs. non-medicated birth).

How would you rate your mommy IQ?
In my first 24 hours as a mom, I sucked! My mommy IQ was zero, but now it’s definitely a 10.  To increase my mommy knowledge, I found experts in the field and read the books they wrote. I also submerged myself in the world of moms. The key to increasing your mommy IQ is being able to listen to opinions and filter through them to find what’s best for you.

Can you share your tips for balancing career and family?
Everyone always asks me how I do it all.  Here’s how I keep my sanity: I know I can’t do it all in one day. But you can do it all over a period of time. I plan each week out, and I make sure I’m spending enough time at work, with my husband, with my kids, and with myself.

TV series, maternity line, and now a book. What’s next for your brand?
My goal is to bring the brand to as many people as possible, and the book is the first step. I would love to produce a different clothing line that is more affordable, and I hope to start a baby line, too. I want to continue to educate moms — we re-launched rosiepope.com, a one-stop shop for pregnant women that helps them find the right look and parenting style. I’m also now able add new content to the site daily.

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