Jessica Alba: The Honest Truth

This superstar mama is a green machine. She is co-owner of The Honest Company, an eco-friendly brand we have a ton of respect for, and her all-natural initiatives showcase her down-to-Earth vibe. For the first time, we have Honest’s diapers, lip balm, and bath and cleaning products on sale (so excited!). Plus, you can enter to win a one-year supply of diapers (umm, if our kids were still in diapers, we’d be all over this). We stole a few moments with Jessica and got a glimpse into her lifestyle — here’s what the planet-protecting parent had to say.

1. Tell us about the exclusive diaper patterns we’re launching on Gilt (leopard and lumberjack). How did you choose these designs?   
The purple leopard design and the plaid lumberjack pattern are fun, playful, and edgy. We start by drawing from our daily lives and look at what inspires us. We also connect with fashion insiders, and work with our outstanding design team to come up with initial designs. From there, we narrow them down with our team and mom groups to choose the final looks. It’s not always easy, but certainly it’s fun and exciting.

2. How is the lip balm different from others on the market?
Ohh, I’m really excited for the new Honest Lip Balm! Everyone in my family uses lip balm, and because anything that goes on your mouth is often ingested, we wanted to offer families a safer, certified USDA Organic option. This can be especially important for moms since we’re always kissing our little ones! We’ve created three flavors — lavender mint, sweet orange vanilla, and purely simple (unflavored) — all of which are made with organic jojoba, olive, coconut, aloe leaf extract, and tamanu oils to nourish and moisturize your lips. They are seriously amazing. I hope everyone loves these lip balms as much as I do!

3. What’s next for you and The Honest Company?
We’re currently exploring everything from nutrition to home and layette. What we’d truly love is to hear from Gilt readers about what they’d like The Honest Company to make next. We are very open to what your community needs most in their lives and we thrive on feedback from our customers.

4. Name some things you do every day to help protect the planet.
Trying to be mindful is the first step to help protect our planet and for protecting your family’s health. Recycling and upcycling are big in our family — from Honor filling up our “Blue Recycling Bin” to me scouring Craigslist for old furniture I can refinish. We always try to eat organic and buy local (we love our nearby farmer’s market). And of course, we’re dedicated to using non-toxic products in our home because they are better for everyone’s health and have no petrochemicals in them. These are all little things you can do daily that can make a big difference!

5. As a mom, what are some specific things you look for when you’re buying products for your kids?
I’m a committed label reader. I’m perpetually squinting my eyes and searching the copy on products to find out what’s really inside them. I stay away from items with chemicals like flame-retardants, harsh preservatives, plasticizers, or those made with petroleum-based ingredients.

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