Halloween Survival Guide: 5 Tips From Parents

This haunted holiday can sometimes spook out the little ones. Suddenly not wanting to wear the costume they chose (typical!) and freaking out at the sight of the scarier disguises (we always feel bad when this happens) can make for a night muddied with meltdowns. Maybe the full moon has something to do with it? Learn how these moms make sure Halloween is a treat for themselves and the kids.

Buy a book: For smaller kids, get them a book about Halloween a few weeks before so they won’t be scared of the costumes.
—Rachel Jarrett, Gilt Kids general manager

Provide costume choices: I’ve found that letting your little goblin have two costumes to choose from helps avoid the last minute “I’ve changed my mind” routine (especially if your kids are young and will use the costumes for dress-up after Halloween is over. Choice makes everything better.
—Meredith Sinclair, founder of hoo-dee-hoo.com

Stifle their sugar rush: Halloween buy-back! I give my children one dollar for every pound of candy they give to me instead of eating. Keeps the cavities away, and the kids feel rewarded for all their hard work trick-or-treating.
—Sarah James, founder of whoorl.com

Set rules before you head out. I tell my kids I need to be able to see them at all times (so they don’t get too far ahead). And I tell them how many pieces of candy they can have that night early on, so there are no arguments when we get home.
—Katia Poulard, Gilt Kids senior buyer

Join the fun: Dress up with your kids when you take them trick-or-treating. They will love it! Two years ago, I went as Princess Leia, my husband went as Luke Skywalker, and baby EJ went as yoda.
—Rachel Jarrett, Gilt Kids general manager

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    looking for spider man costume for size 2T do you have it?

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