Play It In Pink: The New Nintendo 3DS™ XL

Video games aren’t usually stylish, but we’ve found one that is! The new Nintendo is pretty in pink — kids will feel fashionable just toting this interactive accessory around. It’s exclusively available on Gilt for a limited time, and you can choose one of two video games to go with it: Style Savvy: Trendsetter or Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask(the games are up to 50% off!). Here are the Cliff’s Notes on the games, and check out the commercial above — Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is clearly a fan of this chic, handheld must-have.

Style Savvy: Trendsetter
Kids and tweens can create their own boutique! They can customize their store by choosing clothes that reflect their personality — with more than 12,000 clothing items and accessories from 19 different brands, they can really get creative with the looks. Players with wireless internet can share their favorite outfits with their friends who own the game. ESRB Rating: E

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
This vibrant world is filled with puzzles and mind-benders. When Professor Layton travels to the city of Monte de’Or to investigate a series of terrifying incidents, he has to search his past to stop a villain. Kids need to master the clues and puzzles to find the truth behind the mystery of the Masked Gentleman. The riddles and mysterious story line makes for a fun, IQ-boosting experience. ESRB Rating: E10+ with Mild Violence.


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    oh my god….i forgot to say that i hated that commercial too!!!!

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