babyGap: Meet the Buyer

When we first saw the adorable styles in the new winter collections, we only had one question: Who are the brilliant creative minds who came up with these cozy creations? Luckily, we were able to steal a few minutes with Shelly Walsh, babyGap’s head merchant. This mom of two gave us a glimpse into her style savvy, and a peek at what her life is like when she isn’t at the office.

Describe your personality in three words:
Passionate, determined, fair

Style inspiration:
Jennifer Aniston! I love her classic, elegant, effortless style.

Favorite piece of clothing in your closet:
Anything in heather gray. I also love navy cashmere.

Accessory you can’t live without:
My Helen Ficalora necklace with my boys’ initials. My youngest son always checks to make sure I’m wearing his initial, especially before a business trip.

Dream job:
Umm…I’m in it!

Favorite item from our babyGap sale:
The intarsia sweater one-piece with the owl (intarsia=a knitting technique featuring a pattern with multiple colors). It’s for baby girls, and is from our Snowflake Collection.

Top winter trends for kids:
Intarsia sweaters, polka dots, and colored bottoms for girls and boys

Best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten:
Buy the Louboutins! At a Barney’s sale, a dear friend of mine convinced me to try on a pair of chocolate brown Louboutin heels, which of course, I fell in love with. To this day, they’re still the best and most decadent shoe purchase I’ve ever made.

Dream vacation spot:
I have two, and both are in California: 1) Our annual family vacation to Rincon Beach, which is outside of Santa Barbara. We rent a house and have a low-key, simple vacation filled with sun and surfing. 2) Any place with an amazing pool and spa (I never met a massage I didn’t like!) like The Parker in Palm Springs or Spa Solage in Calistoga.  

Favorite restaurant:
Universal Cafe in San Francisco. The food is simple and fresh, the atmosphere is quaint and quiet, and it will always remind me of when I moved to the city years ago.

Favorite TV show:
It’s a tie between Modern Family (when I’m in the mood to laugh) and Game of Thrones (for serious drama).

Favorite family photo:



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