Toys That Top the Charts

Shopping. Wrapping. Cooking. Stressing. For parents, that’s the holidays in a nutshell. But for kids, it’s all about the t-o-y-s! Whether they’re posh playthings or stocking stuffers, they’ll bring joy to little faces. Our buyer Adriana started her search for the top 10 holiday toys this summer, and the ones that made the final cut are above. Find out why she chose each one below — hope you have a lot of wrapping paper handy.

1. Discovery Kids Cardboard Castle, $25 (from $50)
“This cardboard castle is a double whammy — kids can have fun coloring it and it’s perfect for imaginative play.”

2. WallCandy Arts Removable Chalkboard Elephant, $32 (from $56)
“For some reason, kids love to write on walls. A removable chalkboard decal that sticks to playroom walls is pure genius.”

3. Rockabye Lulu Ladybug Rocker, $77 (from $140)
“Cute, colorful, and it encourages tots to rock out. It also has buttons they can push to learn numbers, the alphabet, shapes, and colors.”

4. Melissa & Doug Trunki, $49 (from $76)
“Have a trip planned with the kids? This mini suitcase will keep little ones busy in the airport.”

5. Airflow Collectibles Classic Truck, $213 (from $299)
“A vintage pedal car is a toy they’ll remember playing with…even when they’re old enough to drive.”

6. KidKraft Beachfront Mansion, $195 (from $280)
“You can’t go wrong with a four-story doll house and 14 pieces of furniture to go with it.”

7. Schoenhut 6-String Acoustic Guitar, $25 (from $50)
“Playing an instrument improves kids’ auditory, speech, and motor skills. Now that’s music to parent’s ears.”

8. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen, $160 (from $220)
“Chefs-in-training definitely need their own kitchens. No apron necessary.”

9. Alex Toys 113-Piece Art Set, $44 (from $73)
“Drawing marathon! Crafty kids will love this 113-piece art set.”

10. Tegu Magnetic Blocks, $109 (from $140)
“Tots can get creative with these blocks — they have magnets in them!”



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