Holiday Crafts: Sparkly Starburst Wreath

Light the fire, warm the coco and stock your closets with snow-day must-haves — the holidays are officially here! For parents, this means keeping the kids busy with fun projects that will add a bit of pretty to your space. Enter our sparkly, glittery, super-easy DIY wreaths that 4-year-olds and 14-year-olds will love crafting just the same. The best part? Perfection isn’t even in our vocabulary when it comes to this project. The more layers and the messier the glitter, the prettier the creation.

Mom and Founder of Style Me Pretty

100 8-inch lollipop sticks

100 4 inch lollipop sticks

Styrofoam wreath
Gold spray paint

Glue gun
Mod Podge
Gold glitter
Paint brush
1 yard ribbon

1. Spray paint your Styrofoam gold. We use Montana Gold Spray Paint because we looove it (great coverage and a gorgeous color). Allow each side to dry for at least 15 minutes. This is definitely a mommy/daddy step.

2. Tie a loop and a pretty bow or knot around your wreath using the ribbon. Measure your ribbon and placement of your bow based on where you want to hang it. Once tied, pull the ribbon tight so the portion holding the wreath is flush against your Styrofoam circle. Hot glue this portion down directly to your wreath.

3. Begin the process of gluing your lollipop sticks. Imagine your wreath as a clock: glue the 8-inch sticks to your wreath at 12 / 3 / 6 / 9 points making a cross. From there, fill in spacing evenly between sticks. Have your younger children hand you each stick. Your older children can lay the stick on top of the hot glue, taking care not to burn themselves. Note: Once you get to the ribbon, you will be gluing your sticks directly on the ribbon.

4. Continue with the 8-inch sticks until you have about ¼-inch of space between each of them. Then fill in the remaining spaces with your smaller sticks.

5. Take the wreath to a well-ventilated area and spray paint again using the gold paint. Allow 30 minutes or longer to dry.

6. The simple spray-painted variety is nice, but if you’re more of a sparkle kind of girl, begin mixing your golden glitter paste (1 part Mod Podge to 1 part glitter). The glue will keep the glitter at bay so you don’t have sparkle everywhere — there is no messing up this part so let the kids paint away! Allow the wreath to dry completely for at least two hours.

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