Holiday Crafts: Winter Circus Pull Toys

This project might require a bit of time, but the results are worth it — you can can finally transform those cheap plastic toys into something timeless…and meaningful (like the toys that we used to get as kids!). If you have older kids, this is a real gem of a project that will give them a sense of pride — they’re Santa’s elves building toys and making the littlest tots smile.

Mom and Founder of Style Me Pretty

Plastic animal toys
White plastic dip spray
Leather cord
Wooden bead
Red paint and small paintbrush
Wood stain
Wooden wheels
Metal rod (to fit in the wheels)
Drill and drill bits
Wire cutters
1/2-inch thick piece of wood, 3-inches wide by 24-inches long
Craft saw
3/4-inch nails
Small eye hooks
Super glue

. Spray all the plastic animals with 1 to 4 coats of Plasti Dip, following the instructions on the can. Let dry.

2. Stain the wood, wooden wheels, and wooden bead with the wood stain. Let dry.

3. Cut the wood into 6 to7-inch lengths (proportionate to the length of each animal) with the saw.

4. Measure 1.5-inches in from the edges on the length of each board. Drill a hole all the way through for the wheel axles. (Use a drill bit one size larger than the diameter of your metal rod).

5. Cut the metal rod into 3.5-inch lengths. Insert into the drilled holes.

6. Put a dab of super glue in the hole of the wheels and insert onto the metal axles.

7. Use Super Glue to paste the paws of the animal on top of the wood (making sure they’re not over the wheel axles if possible). From underneath, drill a small hole through the wood and into the paw of the animal.

8. Hammer a nail into each animal’s paw through the wood.

9. Drill a small hole in the front of each piece of wood (for the middle piece of wood, drill a hole in the back too). Screw an eye hook into each hole.

10. Cut a length of leather string and tie a wood bead to one end, and the other end to the eye hook.

11. Paint a small red scarf onto your winter animal.

12. Tie your circus animals together to form a train

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