Holiday Craft: Dip-Dye Christmas Stockings

Who says we need to have fuddy duddy stockings or spend a fortune on the pretty ones? We can make our own so easily! This is a fun project your kids can help you with, and the color options are endless. Don’t fret, even the novice seamstress (read, I can only sew a straight line) can tackle these babies. Once they’re sewn, have the little ones help mix the colors and dip the stockings. Just make sure to wear gloves — the dye loves to leave a lasting impression. For an adorable DIY stocking stuffer, click here!

Mom and Founder of Style Me Pretty

RIT dye (we used lemon yellow, sunshine orange, pink, & fuchsia)
Wooden stick for stirring dye
2 yards white linen
White thread
Sewing machine
Peach ribbon
Stocking template
Drying rack

. Download our stocking template, print out and assemble.

2. Iron the linen and fold it in half. Pin the template to it and trace around the edges with a pencil.

3. Remove the template and cut out the fabric; each stocking needs two pieces of fabric.

4. Pour a small amount of dye into a glass jar and pour in hot water, stir with a stick to mix thoroughly (this will be your palest color).

5. Dip the 2 layers of stocking fabric in the jar up to about 2/3 of the stocking (you can roll up the fabric to squeeze it in). Remove and use clothespins to hang them to a drying rack or clothesline.

6. Add more dye to the jar and stir. Dip the stocking into a slightly lower level than before, remove and hang on drying rack.

7. Repeat step 6 as many times as needed to achieve the desired color. Let dry overnight, or place in the dryer.

8. Iron the fabric again. Sew a hem on the top sides of the stocking fabric.

9. Pin the two pieces together, and sew a border about ¼ inch away from the edge of the fabric around the remaining sides of the stocking. Trim threads.

10. Turn the stocking inside out, then turn down the top 1/4 of the stocking.

11. Cut a 4-inch piece of ribbon. Form a loop, and sew into the top of the stocking. Hang on the mantle.


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