Valentine’s Day: Gifts We ♥!


Candy hearts are a cool way to spread the love to your little cutie, but we’ve got better ideas! Pink-and-red dresses and jewelry keep your little Valentine looking sweet, and toys from Melissa & Doug, Mattel, and Madame Alexander will fill their hearts with joy. When it comes to gifts for your tiny tastemaker, cupid’s arrow just hit the bulls-eye.

1. Twin Stars Triple Cluster Heart Necklace (sold out)

2. Melissa & Doug Teddy Bear, $15 (from $20)

3. Scout & Adler Plaid Button Down, $27 (from $50)

4. Hiho Batik onesies (sold out)

5.  Melissa & Doug Arts & Crafts Bundle, $26 (from $32)

6. Modern Pop Design’s LOVE print, $42 (from $60)

7. Eden & Esme Crochet Lace Dress, $20 (from $40)

8. Joojos Ankle Boots (sold out)




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