Valentine’s Day Crafts We ♥!

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite of mine. Pinks and reds and pretty glitter everywhere — does it get any better? Oh yes, it does. Because when you layer in little ones full of spunk and imagination, the sweetest of holidays becomes even sweeter. Here are my two favorite crafts for this love-filled holiday.

Mom and Founder of Style Me Pretty

Heart-Day Crowns
For each of our kids, we place a King or Queen of Valentine’s Day crown at his or her chair. They get to wear the crown as they devour all of those otherwise forbidden treats. My daughter generally doesn’t take it off for the rest of the day!

Scraps of wrapping paper card stock and scrapbooking paper
Double-sided tape
Hole punches in different shapes

1. Measure your child’s head using a ribbon or a soft tape measure, or use a hat as a template (might have to be sneaky as kids generally don’t like tape measures wrapped around their heads). Cut a 4-inch wide piece of paper to the length of your measurement, adding 2 inches to the total.

2. Using the double-sided tape, adhere the paper’s two ends together, overlapping them by about an inch.

3. Punch, cut, and design different elements using the scraps of paper, and layer them on your crown until you have your own little masterpiece.

Glittered Cupcake Toppers
We love these mini cupcakes and they have become even more adorable with a glittery, gold cake topper. This is a simple,  stress-free project you can do with even the littlest crafters.

6-inch lollipop sticks
Glue gun
Heart hole punch (1- to 2-inch)
Pretty scrapbooking paper

1. Punch out two hearts using a heart hole punch from a craft store. (We chose a glittery gold paper that had a bit of weight but wasn’t too heavy, so it punched easily).

2. Then, using a hot glue gun, adhere the hearts to a 6-inch lollipop stick, allowing them to dry fully before placing them into the cupcake.

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